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Coconut Water HELPS!!!

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    I've been drinking about 350ml to 500 ml/day for 6 days and no improvement detected so far


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      I bought some today too, I found several brands available at the QFC grocerys store in my town, I found it with the juices, not waters. I bought the ONE brand the regular and flavored one, I also purchased the vita coconut water peach/mango flavor. I sure hope it works for me, I have zero tears for a year now and I'm willing to try anything, this sounds promising thanks for sharing
      PS: I kinda liked the taste of the plain on I tried today, I drank it really cold over Ice, that may help.


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        I found no effect on my dry eye after consistently trying this. I do agree that it is an excellent hydration solution in general and if the stuff was less expensive I would be inclined to use it, especially following a long cardio workout. It probably has some health benefits but zero impact on my dry eye condition.

        I'm glad others are finding it helpful.


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          After reading this I did some hunting for the best prices. Each place has a few different brands of water. has the cans starting at $1.05/can. I iherb has free delivery if you spend over $40.

 has them in their Subscribe and Save plan which I use for alot of things. Those start at about $17.00 for 12 of the 11 oz. So I think iherb might be better.

          I did not check Vitacost because they have horrible customer service.

          I have no ordered yet, going the flaxseed route which is cheaper but I will definitely give this a try if the flaxseed doesn't work.


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            I confirm that coconut water helps with dry eyes !! I take it in the moorning with my banana and kale smoothie and it really helps !