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Diana's story Part 1

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    Hi Diana,

    I have to tell you that when I read "My Story" I was very moved. I felt it was an inspiring story to all who read it and I have passed it on to the few potential LASIK candidates who come my way. I really believe you have a gift in life for writing, you are, in my humble opinion, very talented in this respect. I do not believe you "laid it on too thick". You are simply telling the truth as it happened to you, as I believe everyone here is. We are trying to make people aware of the fact that it "can happen to you". At the same time I believe writing things out in this manner has helped myself as well as probably most all of us. It gives me the feeling that "Yes! I was heard".
    Thanks for writing your story,


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      Congratulations Diana!!!!!!!!!!

      Congratulations Diana you are a real inspiration! I wish you all the very best with the birth of your twins Let us all know how you go!



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        Thanks, you two, and you're welcome. I don't ever want to see anybody go through what us post-lasik disaster patients have. If I can help put a dent in the number of casualties, I want to. I also find it therapeutic to know I'm helping people cope just a bit.

        Maria, you mention wanting to know "how I go" regarding my pregnancy...

        Right now I'm totally obsessed with "when I go"! I can't wait to report on the birth of my new addition! Even as recent as a year ago I never thought I'd make it this far!

        Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.


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          Hi, Diana

          Diana: after so much time of being away from this forum I am so glad to read that you are doing better and that you are pregnant. Congratulations!!!! I wish you the best and keep us posted about your progress and anything that has to do with the development of new remedies for dry eyes. I am praying with all my heart for a miracle!!!!




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            Your story is heart wrenching

            I found the lasermyeye site today and they were kind enough to send me to this site. Then I found your story. It is much like mine with a few exceptions. I am only 5 weeks post op but have Hasimoto's syndrome (autoimmune that affects the thyroid) and went into the procedure with dry eyes. I was told by the top doc in town that I was a good candidate and if anything went wrong he would fix it. Now I'm being told that he's never had a patient with dry eye syndrome this severe after Lasik. I have all my punctals plugged and am on Restasis and BioTears. I have to wear sunglasses in the house during the day with all of the blinds drawn. I can't drive or watch TV. Reading? Can't do that either. I too feel very guilty having done this to myself and my husband!

            I thought I would find hope when I started searching today, what I found was a dirty little secret that the doc's don't share before the procedures. I intend to share your story and mine with everyone that I come in contact with that is thinking of Lasik.

            Thank you for sharing your story, I wish you hope and light and a cure.


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              It was great to reread your story and the one thing now that keeps me going is knowing how many people we have educated about this surgery, the nurse came up to me at the drs. office today and said she will not have lasik surgery because of what happened to me. She has seen how this has affected my life ,but I am continuing to find the good things that have come out of this as you advised.. friends that are really true,an incredible son, daughter and husband .The kindness of some physicians and doctors and what I should now expect as a patient. A stronger faith which I had let slide before this. You do have a gift for writing and next time I am bringing in a copy of your story to my dr. (the regular physician).. Wouldn't mind laminating it though and posting it outside my lasik drs. office. Peggy


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                I am happy to know my story is doing so much for you. It's been effective in more ways than I imagined.

                Laminating it to your LASIK doctor's wall may not be realistic, but you could slide it into a few magazines...
                Never play leapfrog with a unicorn.


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                  That is a brilliant idea!!!!! people deserve to know what they're going into, these surgeons are decieving people and getting away with it



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                    I completely understand where you all are coming from about doctors not properly warning people. I am not a Lasik victim, but a victim of the prescription drug Accutane. My old dermatologist continued to tell me that there was nothing to worry about. He said the side effects such as depression rarely happen in people, and he NEVER ONCE mentioned dry eyes. I was not even aware there was such a thing as dry eyes. But now because I believe I might have had low tear volume before and not noticed, the accutane worsened it to a point where now I am suffering with the painful, daily struggle as everyone else. It is amazing that people put so much trust in what doctors say, even though some doctors that are really not trying to do anything else but increase their patient number and make a pay check!


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                      Like you Untkicker 29 my dry eyes and lid margin disease is due to the drug Roaccutane and I wish Id never come across the stuff. I didnt know dry-eye existed till just over a year ago but boy I know about it now. The Dermatologist never mentioned dry-eyes. On my appt. to see him last week his Registrar told me he was in Trinidad on holiday (nice for some, I informed her, mine was ruined due to this condition). I am looking into the matter of the Roaccutane having an effect on the Androgen hormone and affecting the glands. I've had some really good advice on this site and am touched by the heartfelt stories of the members and the debilitating effects this condition brings and pray that someday relief will come for all. My present regime is visiting a Chinese Herbalist in York(UK) and considering hypnotherapy to deflect my constant attention from the pain and burning as well as the usual stuff, drops, compresses and supplements.

                      Kind regards to everyone, wherever you may be.


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                        Juninho, what is your schrimer test results? TBUT? What other tests have been done on your eyes?
                        I have been told by three doctors that my meibomian glands are fine, but I just dont have enough of the aqueous layer to my tears.
                        Have you tried punctal plugs?
                        How long ago did you develop dry eyes and have you seen any improvement since then?


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                          Untkicker 29-schirmer test was very poor 3 on left and 4 on right,doctor
                          said 10 was average score.I had 2 silicone plugs fitted about 4 weeks ago.
                          They say my glands are blocked and gave me a month course of Doxycycline.
                          Ive had dry eyes just over a year now.Im pressing for some further tests
                          to see if my Androgen levels have been affected by the Roaccutane.
                          Talk about wise after the event I wish id never come across the drug.
                          I had poliomyelitis as a child and that was difficult but this eye thing
                          is something else ,it has your focus constantly.
                          Im praying I get some relief soon,put it this way it hasnt got any worse
                          I see you play football,any good?I played at a decent level but am
                          finished now(age).
                          Regards to everyone,


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                            I am the placekicker at the University of North Texas. Hopefully, if everything falls into place like I hope, I will have a shot at playing at the next level.

                            Did the punctal plugs not help at all? I have been torn between getting them or not, and still have not giving them a try because the last thing I want to worry about is a problem with the plug on top of dry eye!


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                              Finally! "Untkicker29" makes sense!! I have been puzzling over that! I'll have you know I have just impressed my sons (age 13 & 14) by telling them that one of the people I "talk" to is actually a real, live football player.
                              I am a Packer fan, my husband is a Bears fan, the 14 year old is a Titans fan, and the 13 year old is a Vikings fan. Sundays are pretty interesting in our house.
                              But we all love the Badgers!


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                                Punctal plugs

                                Originally posted by untkicker29
                                Did the punctal plugs not help at all? I have been torn between getting them or not, and still have not giving them a try because the last thing I want to worry about is a problem with the plug on top of dry eye!
                                Hi Untkicker29- I've had upper and lowers about 5 weeks now. I have severe dry eye syndrome due to lasik. They placed temporary plugs in the day of my procedure, three days later I was in excruciating pain. When I went back to see the opth. I was told they had placed 3 day plugs in by mistake. Now I have permanent plugs and wouldn't go without them dispite the risks. I won't have them surgically closed though. The plugs are however NOT comfortable. They really get you when you turn your eyes hard to either side. They do have temporary plugs that last about 3 months that you could try. Since they dissolve similar to the 3 day, they don't have the "head" on them and don't hurt. Hope this helps.
                                Good luck with the decision.


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