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Diana's story Part 1

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    Sorry to hear your story but glad you found this site, hope it does give you some inspirations to find some relief. Sounds like you've not had any good doctors at all helping you out, which is really awful.
    just keep swimming...


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      Hi Diana

      felt extremely sad while reading your story! I hope you find relief someday, I really do!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Take care and all the best to you!!!



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        Thanks for saving me with your stories

        I just want you all to know that I was scheduled for lasik and am definitely NOT going through with it due to all that I've read. I had a weird "hunch of doom" about it which I thought was strange since I've always wanted it and finally could afford it. I wondered why I wasn't excited. I am not usually an anti-risk person. It was almost a psychic-y I think it was an angel whispering a warning in my ear. And it made me get up in the middle of the night last night and surf around and find your stories. Thank you. And good luck to you.


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          Thanks a Bunch

          I am so happy to hear about your decision. You just made my day! Thanks a whole bunch.


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            You made my day too! I am not a risk taker either. I wish I'd seen some anti-lasik material before I had mine. I noticed the morning of my lasik that many people didn't show up. We were herded in like cows. I thought probably those people had not been able to get the $$ together. Perhaps they were just smart. Glad you didn't take the risk. Lucy
            Don't trust any refractive surgeon with YOUR eyes.

            The Dry Eye Queen


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              Dry eyes

              Hello Diana
              I have just registered with The Dry Eye Zone and this is my first time reading some of these stories.I thought my problem was bad until I read your story. My situation started suddenly on July 2008, Both my eyes were bothering me all day,I didn't go through operation in my whole life.My eyes case: sandy,mucous fall,no tears,half opened,feel more comfort in closing them.I visited 3 different Doctors each of them prescribed different kinds of eye drops ,the last Doctor told me that I had eye dryness he told me to use Refresh liquigel but unfortunately my eyes became worse.Then I began to search and study in the internet about eye dryness,I found that lacrimal plugs can be a solution.I went to a Ophthalmalogist and told him my eye story.He said that I had to perform lacrymal plugs operation.He didn't test my tear output.
              On October 2008 the doctor insert 2 lower lacrymal plugs and prescribed refresh liquigel when needed.I felt much better but the viscousity of refresh liquigel irritates my eyes,so I stopped it.I began to search the internet and I found that Flax seed capsules,massage eye lids and forced blinking stimulates tear flow.Since 10 days I started to take one capsule per day,I'm feeling much better now.I hope a last longing progress cure.
              Sorry for my bad language writing

              Good luck


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                Diana, I read your story

                Im very moved by your story and want you to know that the support you have from the members here is something you will always be able to count on. I wonder if you have looked at another option that may help you. Its called cornea transplant. Below is Mayo clinic link. I know from expereince about organ transplants and thought to myself; Would a cornea transplant help you and others. see link below



                Why it's done


                How you prepare

                What you can expect



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                  Oh Diana that was just a very sad story, my deepest sympathy for you. I hope everything's doing great with you now. Have faith and trust in God.


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                    Originally posted by dianat View Post
                    You'e made my day, Kyle. You pass that story around as far and wide as you like.
                    Sad to hear your story diana. May God provide you a good health in the future.


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                      I'm going to save this post so I can show it to my son who is always talking about getting Lasik "someday." Being extremely nearsighted isn't the worst thing in the world.

                      Thanks for posting.


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                        That's a great Gesture from pecan to diana


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                          Hello Diana,
                          it's been so many years since you wrote your story and I hope you are well nowadays.

                          My story is very similar, I had the happiest 30 years of life, I was a mum and enjoyed my life. Two years ago I had the surgery in the most expensive and reputable clinic in the city, as I didn't want to save on my safety.
                          Even my glass prescription was like yours.

                          Now my biggest fear is not only that I won't be able to do my job anymore, but that my son will never have any siblings. He would probably have one already, he is four years old and keeps asking for them.
                          I can't see how I could cope with pregnancy and look after the baby with my erosions, pain and depressions. How to get up and run to check the crying baby when you need a few minutes to open your eyes? And so many other issues..
                          I hope I will be able some day if you could.

                          Thank you for sharing your story and all the best.
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                            Reading all your stories I am amazed that I had no problems for all these years after all my surgeries. I had minus 12 before my MKM in 1987 (which was mechanical Lasik before laser existed, quite brutal!) and then another lasik on top of that nine years later i n one eye. My corneas are extremely thin. And I had cataract surgery and crosslinking in one eye also. And I had dry eyes and GPC BEFORE the surgeries! Didn't ever need one single lubricant drop after surgery - until now!! Weird..... eyes works in mysterious ways. Hope your are feeling much Petter today Diana!


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                              Hi Diana- I can totally relate especially the part about driving in your car, there are times that I think I should not even be on the road. I have to pull over sometimes and just keep my eyes closed til they get good enough to make it home or wherever I am going. This has taken over my life- stores- restaurants and even church. I could not read all your story-I limit what I do with my eyes. I just want to say stay strong and its wonderful that you have such a loving family. I have Sjrogens and thats what has caused my dry eye. I am with you on being thankful I still have my site-Good Luck


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                                Hi Diana,

                                I read your story , i would like to know , the condition of your eyes now.
                                I am hesitating about whether to do the ilasik surgery or not , i read many good stories about how successful and great this surgery , it is the first time for me to read a negative opinion about Lasik.
                                i noticed that you posted your story on 2005 , may be the new ilasik is better than that you did ? what do you think.?
                                thanks a lot for sharing your story.