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Sudden eye problems. What can it be????

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  • Sudden eye problems. What can it be????


    I found this forum in search of a solution to my eye problems. I have searched endlessly on google to find a solution. now i'm trying in here hoping someone has experienced something similar and found a solution or diagnosis.

    I have had problems with my eyes for 5 months now.

    It started in August, where over a week I developed dry and irritated eyes.

    The irritation is worst on my nose and is worst on the right eye. I am contact lens wearer, but have difficulty using lenses now. The condition worsens with the use of lenses, but does not disappear when I do not use them.

    This is a huge problem as I rely on contact lenses at my job.

    I suspect a few things that might have triggered it:
    1. I was operated on for chronic sinusitis in January 2019. My sinuses are still not too good.
    2. I sailed a lot in the summer, where my eyes were exposed to lots of wind and sun.
    3. I started diving in the summer.
    4. I've been training a lot of fitness, where I've been sweating a lot.

    I have been to my own doctor, several ophthalmologists and an ear and chest doctor. no one can give an answer to what it is.

    I have been given antibiotics twice and several kinds of eye drops. Nothing has helped.

    One time I have seen yellow puss get out of my eye at the nose.

    anyone have any idea what could be wrong?

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    Originally posted by Nick1989 View Post
    I was operated on for chronic sinusitis in January 2019. My sinuses are still not too good.
    I believe it could be the reason. I'm not a doctor, of course, but when I was dealing with sinusitis my eyes were really red. Sometimes worse, sometimes not, but there shouldn't be any inflammation since you've been given antibiotics twice.
    But I have another question - have you seen an allergist?


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      Nick have you asked your eye doctor if you have conjunctivochalasis? Some people have it from long term contact lens use. I had red and burning eyes and tried so many things that didn't work. I ended up getting AMT (amniotic membrane transplantation) surgery which got rid of a loose conjunctiva. My eyes are now white and comfortable.


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