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Sudden eye problems. What can it be????

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  • Sudden eye problems. What can it be????


    I found this forum in search of a solution to my eye problems. I have searched endlessly on google to find a solution. now i'm trying in here hoping someone has experienced something similar and found a solution or diagnosis.

    I have had problems with my eyes for 5 months now.

    It started in August, where over a week I developed dry and irritated eyes.

    The irritation is worst on my nose and is worst on the right eye. I am contact lens wearer, but have difficulty using lenses now. The condition worsens with the use of lenses, but does not disappear when I do not use them.

    This is a huge problem as I rely on contact lenses at my job.

    I suspect a few things that might have triggered it:
    1. I was operated on for chronic sinusitis in January 2019. My sinuses are still not too good.
    2. I sailed a lot in the summer, where my eyes were exposed to lots of wind and sun.
    3. I started diving in the summer.
    4. I've been training a lot of fitness, where I've been sweating a lot.

    I have been to my own doctor, several ophthalmologists and an ear and chest doctor. no one can give an answer to what it is.

    I have been given antibiotics twice and several kinds of eye drops. Nothing has helped.

    One time I have seen yellow puss get out of my eye at the nose.

    anyone have any idea what could be wrong?
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    Originally posted by Nick1989 View Post
    I was operated on for chronic sinusitis in January 2019. My sinuses are still not too good.
    I believe it could be the reason. I'm not a doctor, of course, but when I was dealing with sinusitis my eyes were really red. Sometimes worse, sometimes not, but there shouldn't be any inflammation since you've been given antibiotics twice.
    But I have another question - have you seen an allergist?


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      Nick have you asked your eye doctor if you have conjunctivochalasis? Some people have it from long term contact lens use. I had red and burning eyes and tried so many things that didn't work. I ended up getting AMT (amniotic membrane transplantation) surgery which got rid of a loose conjunctiva. My eyes are now white and comfortable.


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        Taryn, stop promoting AMT surgery. You are not a doctor and don't assume anyone who has red burning eyes has the same issue as you had.
        If you have such comfortable white eyes then why are you still on this forum? Move on with your life.