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3 months after Lasik regret/depressed

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  • 3 months after Lasik regret/depressed

    Originally went into lasik MD wanting to get PRK. But they convinced me that it was an old procedure, Lasik is better, that i don't have dry eyes etc...they even had pamphlets "why would you even think about PRK?"
    I can't help but thinking if i did PRK my dry eye would eventually heal. After doing research i understand how much better PRK is for dry eyes. Research shows Lasik nerves will never be back to normal, while PRK heals back to about 90%. I feel so stupid for not walking away/ doing more research at the time

    Anyway 1week after my procedure i got dry eyes, pretty much throughout the day they are uncomfortable and drops don't help much.
    I was told i have some MGD, to do compresses/massage and wait until 6months, but idk i am already convinced this is not going away because i have MGD. I have been PRAYING my nerves heal.