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3 months after Lasik regret/depressed

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  • 3 months after Lasik regret/depressed

    Originally went into lasik MD wanting to get PRK. But they convinced me that it was an old procedure, Lasik is better, that i don't have dry eyes etc...they even had pamphlets "why would you even think about PRK?"
    I can't help but thinking if i did PRK my dry eye would eventually heal. After doing research i understand how much better PRK is for dry eyes. Research shows Lasik nerves will never be back to normal, while PRK heals back to about 90%. I feel so stupid for not walking away/ doing more research at the time

    Anyway 1week after my procedure i got dry eyes, pretty much throughout the day they are uncomfortable and drops don't help much.
    I was told i have some MGD, to do compresses/massage and wait until 6months, but idk i am already convinced this is not going away because i have MGD. I have been PRAYING my nerves heal.

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    How are you now?


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      Have improved some but not cured. My eyes are less red, and burn less it's now mostly foreign body sensation wjich drives me nuts. I'm Looking into scleral lenses and hoping maybe I will improve more this year.


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        johnsonc22 how are u? Did u have a similar experience? I would love to hear Ur story.


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          Andriy do not lose hope, recovery from LASIK can take a long time, up to 1-2 years