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  • Dry Eye Help - MGD ?

    Hello. I was told I had dry eye over a year ago and tried various products, including artificial tears, plugs, Restasis. My initial symptoms were red eyes but after 5-6 months trying the plugs and restatis I started having irritation and burning. I was then told it might be more of an issue with eyelids than my tear production and stopped using drops. I used warm compresses for a few weeks. I was so miserable that I started Lotemax ointment once a day. Also, I was prescribed 50mg of doxy. After a month or so I felt better but not sure what was working. My ophthalmologist can't pinpoint the issue because she says there is nothing that is really standing out. She says my eyes don't look that bad for the symptoms I am having. I am not sure what to do now as I am off the Lotemax and everything is back to where I was a few months ago.... irritation and burning. My dermatologist put me on minocylcine 100 mg twice a day for 8 weeks to see if that might clear up some sort of ocular rosceaca but again he did not see anything screaming out at him. I saw another opthomalogist who did Lipiview and said my tears were ok (the shirmer test was 18 and 23) but I partially blink and my oil glands looked bad and he could do Lipiflow for $800 an eye. Then I saw a third one who agreed with my first opthomalogist that my eyes didn't look as bad as my symptoms. He said he could do IPL if the minocycline didn't kick in and I wasn't feeling any better. I have had blood work done and tested for autoimmune all which came back negative. A friend mentioned serum tears but I think that's more for a tear production problem.... I'm confused about where to proceed at this point. If it truly is a MGD problem, I would think the Lipiflow or IPL therapy would help my eyes...

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    My experience is very similar to yours,. Having MGD myself I would advise you yo get moisture chamber. If the drynes is severe try putting water inside the glasses to moisture your eyes. No artificial tears, restasis or anything works for me except that, which doesnt entirely fix the problem but it's the only thing that does 'something'.