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trying find out if being put to sleep with anesthetic effects dry eye

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  • trying find out if being put to sleep with anesthetic effects dry eye

    Hi all

    Ive been putting off a minor op due to the worry of the anesthetic,i know you have to make sure that your eyes get taped shut due to them drying out but does the anesthetic gennerally effect you by actually having it,hope this makes sense.....

    Looking to hear from people who have had a general anesthetic and wether they noticed a difference with there dry eye like if it got worse.

    The surgeon just said ye ull be fine but im like hmmm you dont really know do you lol so im investigating.

    would appreciate any feedback

    thanks for reading x

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    Your comments make perfect sense to me.

    I've been through this a few times but my main fear is the temperature of the ward. They are usually hot and stuffy places that play havoc with my eyes.

    My eyes are always top of the list for `patient concerns' so I make sure that I discuss it with a nurse beforehand. If you take any medicines into hospital with you, then they like to have a list of them anyway so it's standard procedure. I've then asked if it was possible to be near a window or away from a heat source whilst there. Staff have been understanding.

    The anaesthetic itself hasn't been a major problem for me - and my eyes are very dry. I go equipped with my `kit' of drops, facial sprays etc and hope for the best.


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      Hi, Kate !

      In our circumstances I think it is only natural to be worried.
      I think it's prudent to compare what your doc said with personal experiences from members on this website.

      Here's a link to a thread on "Emergencies and Hospital Stays" from three years ago:

      And although the thread doesn't deal with the matters which irish eyes mentioned, I do agree with her:
      climate control, including heat/ cold/ air blowing, can be challenging. I encourage you to speak up about it as assertively as you can.

      Three anesthesia experiences for me: no, my eyes did not get worse.
      My anesthesiologists were absolutely great in taking time to discuss this with me ahead of time.
      And since all of the "stuff" I would need is not prescription-based,
      the nurses and support staff were perfectly fine in allowing me to keep it by my bedside, much like a makeup kit/ toilet kit for personal hygiene.
      (Apparently IF any items been prescription-based, I might have had to discuss them with, and sought approval from, "'the pharmacist" as well).

      Good luck with your procedure!


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        I was an ITU nurse all my life and we always covered the eyes of unconcious patients with wet gause swabs -- at first dipped in saline ,then a directive came from the eye dept saying not saline just sterile water


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          thank you all for your replys.
          its mad that i dont worry about the procedure its my eyes that scare me cuz i think i couldnt bare it if i made em worse.
          to be honest i never thought about the actual ward bothering them hmmm i can see why that may be a problem to but if its only short term and they dont permanently get worse then i may be able to deal with that.

          so theres no proof of anesthetic actualy dryin your eyes from within and not by them bein open during the op?.

          thanks again its so good that i can speak to people who understand as i feel like doctors nurses etc just say ye ye ull be fine but i need to know like 100% ill be ok


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            If it makes you feel any better, I felt exactly the same.

            I deliberately delayed having a procedure done because I was so anxious about how I would go on with my dry eyes.

            Like you, my eyes bothered me more than the actual condition I had to go into hospital to have sorted out - and that was something quite serious.

            You are in company that understand.


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              irish eyes

              i do feel loads better that im not the only one who is more worried bout there eyes than the op and feel more reasurred that no ones eyes has got worse due to having something done.

              so glad ive asked and thank you all again for helping,seriously be lost without this forum