I have just accidentally discovered that systemic/oral dosing of beta-adrenergic receptor pindolol, used for many years in the treatment of hypertension, has been found, in at least one trial, to produce significant benefits for patients who have sicca syndrome (dry eyes and/or mouth) in association with chronic pain (as in fibromyalgia). (Pindolol is also being studied as a potential booster for SSRIs, which don't work consistently well in depressed patients.) In any case, those wanting to see some data on this may enjoy www.theannals.com/cgi/reprint/39/11/1812.pdf. Great news is that pindolol is available as a generic, and is on many $4.00/month formularies. It is, moreover, an older drug that has racked up an excellent safety profile over the years. There will probably be a hue and cry that BAR blockers (and beta blockers) can cause dryness, but in these matters, it is hugely important to appreciate that responses like drying are intensely individualized, and not particularly likely to happen to any given individual. Apologies in advance that I won't be able to check in on responses to this for a while. Please send me private messages if citations to additional publications on pindolol are desired.