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Celexa and dry eye

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  • Celexa and dry eye

    Since I have anxiety problems, I went to the doctor again and asked if he had something I could take for it. He suggested taking celexa and I asked him explicitly "Does this drug cause side effects like dry eye" and he said no. I've been taking 10 mg over the past week and I noticed last week my eye problems seemed to be noticeably worse. I had more fatigue and more dry eye than usual. I wasn't really thinking that the drug was causing it because he said it didn't have that side effect, but I upped the dose to 20mg yesterday and my eyes felt terrible all day long. No matter how many drops I put in it felt like the dry eye wouldn't go away. Then I did a search on google and found out that celexa does have dry eye and eye pain as infrequent side effects. Infrequent or not, it's still possible to get them.

    I guess this just proves that you always have to do your own research.

    I know some other people on this board have taken celexa and have had the same problems. Could you tell me what celexa did to you and what the problems were like?



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    i've found (and read) that ALL ssri's have that affect
    hugs, betty


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      I've caught doctors making mistakes a few times so best to always check yourself before taking any new med - and then querying the doc if anything comes up.

      A good site to check is rxlist.

      If a listed side effect is dry mouth then its likely to also affect the eyes and especially so in anyone predisposed to dry eyes.

      At the end of the day though it can be a balance as an irritated, dry eye may be an acceptable side effect of a med that will save your life - but its always worth checking to see if theres an alternative at least.

      Good luck.


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        Yes, the same thing happened with me with Effexer. I specifically asked if it would cause my eye dryness to get even dryer and was told no and sure enough, my eyes get worse and worse the longer I took it. So I finally looked it up myself and dry mouth was listed as a side effect so I emailed my ophthalmologist and he said yes it will make your eyes dryer. He said said anytime dry mouth is listed as a side effect dry eyes can also be included. I had to quit taking it as I was already a 0 on a Schirmers and I was in serious pain because of the dryness getting worse.

        Now I don't rely on doctors giving the correct advise 100% of the time concerning anything including prescriptions side effects.



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          well im only on a 10mg dose of citalopram so getting off of it should be pretty easy... i'm not going to take it tomorrow and see if my dry eye symptoms improve to where they were before. it just seemed like the last week my problems were worse than usual and last saturday is when i started taking the drug. have to see what happens tomorrow


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            i took welbutrin and within 10 days my eyes were in pain constantly
            (i have VERY dry eyes..shirmer score 1)
            I had to stop taking it and within 24 hours my eyes had improved back to where they were before i started the welbutrin
            hugs, betty