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dry eyes and floaters (help please!)

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    Hi there phila,

    I guess accutane is the isotretonin?? I must've spelled it wrongly. I suspect (just to make it clear, Im not a good expert on this field!
    That you're mucuous membrane has been damaged with accutane.

    A couple of years ago I use to take loads of antibiotics due to chronic bronchitis, and I got extremely dry eyes. But not only due to antibiotics but also because of allergy, contact lenses poor diet and so on.
    So when my eyes were so dry that I couldnt even go out of the house, I began to take restasis for a while (I cant remember how long). It did help a bit, but the dryness was still unbearable.
    After that I stopped taking restasis and went to a doc. specialised on alternative meds. She asked me to take symbioflor 1/2 for a period of 3-4 months or longer to get the intestinal flora back to normal. Because in this flora we have good escheria coli bacterias that are suppose to keep our mucous membrane protected, aggressive medication taken for a long time can destroy these bacterias and they are not able to spread naturally. I took it and my dry eyes got so much better that I only take drops at night. A few years ago, i had to use drops almost every hour.

    So, this could be helpful, I would though recommend a doc. who has long term experience with alternativ medication.



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      Originally posted by manitobaskyline View Post
      ........I do want to stay but to point me in the proper direction so I use the correct wording in my writing, please give me examples of how I could have better worded my responses to conform to the standards of this particular forum.

      I fear my comments have caused you anguish and that was not my intention at all. I don’t want this to develop into a `flame-war’.

      (By the way - I’m not a moderator – I’m a humble contributor just like you and everyone else).

      I commented on your earlier posting because I thought you put too much stress on your intentions to `give advice’. We all want to share our experiences, but that’s all it is – our experience. The information may be useful . . . or it might not be. It’s not my place to structure your postings; you are more than capable of doing that yourself.

      Forgive me if I admit to not having read anything else you have posted on the forum – no reason for that – it’s just that I don’t get round to reading every message that is posted. Perhaps you have a mental image of me with eyebrows frowning over pince-nez and wielding the censor’s red pen. That's certainly not the case!

      Back to your experiences – I would be interested to know if you think diet makes a difference to your eyes in any way.

      PS - I realise that we have digressed from the purpose of the thread. Sorry for doing that.