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Fluid under conjunctiva

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  • Fluid under conjunctiva

    I am going through a rough time and hoping someone else has had this issue and can offer some ideas. I have rosacea. I have had dry eye for about 3 years. In July this year I woke up to find that fluid had formed under my conjunctiva (chemosis?), both eyes but worse in right. Went to emerg. but by the time I got into see a Doctor (several hours) the conjunctiva had drained. This has happened every morning since, fluid under conjuctiva on waking and drained by end of day. Doc. is stumped. Unfortunately even the eye doc has never seen it at its worse because it drains by the time of the appointment. Doc thought it was an allergy, so prescribed Patanol, FML, Oral antihistimines with little effect. Except since using the Patonal I have also been waking up with dryer sorer eyes in the middle of the night. Stopped all meds. Doctor said to sleep in up right position, use cold compresses, lots of drops in night, which I have been doing and it does help somewhat but has not cleared problem. Other than this new issue eyes are pretty much the same as before, not any more or less red through day and not at all itchy. Not taking any other meds right now other than artificial drops. Could it be them? Anyone else experienced this? Any ideas?