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Nasal congestion

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  • Nasal congestion


    I have a cold right now and some serious nasal congestion. I am prone to sinus infections. Before my dry eye, I took sudafed and used a neti pot to clear out my nose. Now, I have been using the neti pot but I am worried about using sudafed as I do not want to dry my eyes out any worse.

    Does any one have any more ideas for what I can do that would not dry out my eye. Sudafed is a bad idea, right? Any further suggestions would be appreciated.

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    I use a nasal spray decongestant when I need something as I also no longer take Sudafed. I don't use it for more than three days as after that it can cause rebound congestion.

    Hope this helps.


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      something safe

      I agree with nasl sprays, and they are also going back to the old saline nasal rinses also. Claritin is available over the counter now and I consider it one of the mildest and best sinus pills, plain Claritin, not -D.


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        Claritin is an antihistamine and they are drying.


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          I'm currently cursing my sinuses! I'm using Olbas oil which was suggested by my gp. I was a bit reluctant to try it as it smells quite strong and I was expecting it to irritate my eyes. But is doesn't, and it actually really helps decongest. It's available in an inhaler too, which is a more direct application with less vapors to cause eye irritation.

          I've noticed whenever my sinuses act up my eyes get worse..
          The eye altering, alters all - William Blake


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            Thanks for the replies! I think a nasal decongestant sounds like the best thing. I'll get it tomorrow.


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              Interesting, I was just about to suggest that perhaps Sudafed is beneficial for dry eyes, at least for those who have MGD. It's just a theory, but I've been taking Sudafed 12-hour a lot lately and my eyes seem better. My theory is that Sudafed is an anti-inflammatory and therefore may benefit inflamed lid margins and allow the MG's to work better. My eyes are definitely whiter when I take Sudafed, but that may just be the vessels in the eyes being constricted and not a "real" benefit.

              You guys think Sudafed is bad because the drug itself is inherently drying?