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Anti Hystamine long term use?

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  • Anti Hystamine long term use?

    Hi All - I recently purchased 180 Cetirizine Hydrochloride 10mg tablets designed to reduce the effects of allergies. I suspect dudt mites contribute to my dry eye so wondered if these may help. They are one a day - does anyone have any insight in whether they are safe to take daily long term?

    There is nothing about long term use in the drug leaflet with the tabs.


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    As long as you do not have any medical conditions that would be worsened by taking the anti-histamines, and you are not on any medications that would be adversely affected by the anti-histamines, then you most definitely can take them long term if needed. Just double check with your doctor or pharmacist to be sure.

    Obviously for people for like us, we have to weigh the positive effects of the antihistamine against any potential increased drying of our eyes... but as long as the positive effects in that regard are outweighing any negative effects, you're good to go!

    Antihistamines are another med on my totally-NOT-scary-list for long term use!
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      Anti-histamenes will increase eye dryness quite substantially, and continued, long-term use isn't a good idea if you have dry eye disease, as they will certainly exacerbate the condition. Have you actually had your dust-mite allergy diagnosed?

      I initially assumed my dry eye was allergy-related (partly encouraged by lazy doctors), so took no action apart from anti-histamenes for years until I eventually saw an allergy specialist who found I had no true allergies whatsoever.


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        Hi - thanks for the replies. No I haven't had any allergy diagnosed but am experimenting. Is it inevitable that anti hystamines will make dry eys worse in the long term or does it vary from person to person? I cant say my eyes have felt much different since I started taking them tbh although I have only been on the tablets for a couple of weeks.


        PS who was your allergy specialist? Would you recommend them?
        The magic gloop IS out there somewhere - right?