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Can dry eye or meibomitis cause glare, starbursts, halos, and ghosting?

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  • Can dry eye or meibomitis cause glare, starbursts, halos, and ghosting?


    Four months ago, I was given topical steroids for meibomitis. I was on the the steroid for 2 weeks and one day I started to have hazy, blurry vision. I was told that I was a steroid responder and that I had an increase IOP. The doctor was able to stabilize my eye pressure in my eye with proper medication. The startbursts, glare, and halos persisted but my blurry vision improved. I have seen several doctors including a neuro-opthamologist and cornea specialist. All 5 doctors I seen say everything is normal and there is absolutely no damage in my eyes. The cornea topography and wavefront analysis is normal. The symptoms are getting worse every month and I am very worried. The only thing that helps my situation is when I raise my eyebrow or open my eyes wide, the glare and starburst is almost illuminated. Doctors couldn't give me an explanation of why my eyebrow helps my symptoms. One doctor says it might be because the oils that are produced by the meibomian glands are too thick and creating a refractive error. He also thinks my eye lids are causing a astigmatism. The cornea specialists told me that my astigmatism is so minor and it would not be causing all these symptoms. This has greatly affected my life. I can't work much (since my job requires being on the PC) and I cant drive at night (especially during business meetings, etc.). I am getting very anxious daily about my condition and depressed about the whole situation. I'm happy that there is nothing wrong with my eyes, but the symptoms are affecting my daily life so greatly. I've never had any surgery and I have 20/20 vision. I'm on azasite and warm comprasses to help with the meibomitis but I'm not sure if this is the cause of my symptoms. I am 30 year old male just starting my new career. Any feedback from this forum would be greatly appreciated. If doctors can't give me their opinion on what's causing my symptoms, I hope this forum can. Thank you.

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    I have the same problems to a tee and I cannot get an answer either. Anything new please post your findings