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Is anyone on Phiocarpine?

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  • Is anyone on Phiocarpine?

    I have been using Phiocarpine for several months now. It is used by Sjogren's patients to increase saliva production. I do not have Sjogren's and I use it for itís side effects of excessive tearing. When I take the full dosage of 5 mg at one time it makes me feel very ill, like I have the flu, excessive sweating, chills, hot flashes for about 20 minutes. So my doctor said to take a half pill at a time. I am suppose to take 5 mg 3X daily. I find that if my mouth is dry I have a tendency to take this medication more often. However, if I donít take this medication I notice that in general my eyes feel drier.

    Yesterday I took this 4 times, that is about the most I ever take it, and my mouth was still very dry and my eyes were uncomfortable. However, I had a very limited water consumption. Does anyone know if Phiocarpine only works if you consume lots of water so you can create the excessive mucus?

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    I think as long as you're drinking a normal amount of fluids per day, the pilocarpine should work. If 5mg three times a day is still causing you a lot of side effects, then maybe try 1/2 a tab 6 times per day instead... Good luck!
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      I used to quarter mine and take it when I felt the effects wearing off, about once an hour during daytime, this does lessen the severe sweating/shivering fits a great deal. If you are sweating very excessively, then I suppose there is a slight risk of dehydration ( I used to sweat so severely I'd wrap myself in a towel after taking a whole tablet until I started quartering the tablets), but I don't think you need to drink more than usual.


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        Thanks so much and SAAG and y-gwair, your input has been very helpful. I like the idea of quartering the pills and taking them more often.


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          SAAG and y-gwair do you find that you have dry mouth in addition to dry eyes? When I was waiting for my autoimmune test results I always woke up with dry mouth. Now sometimes I get dry mouth if I don't keep up with my pilocarpine. I hope that the pilocarpine is not causing my saliva glands to not produce as much on their own.