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Medication and drier eyes.

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    Thank's for replys, again intresting reading. You may be forgiven for thinking 'someone's in for a fall-keeping all his eggs in one basket like that, one bad day and it's gonna be NOOOOOOOO!!!' Ive been in this position a few times and ended up saying to myself 'Damn why do i get carried away with progress' when a bad day comes along. Each time the confidence is building though, and today despite a bit clammy in Right eye (squinting a bit) ive made it again, no drops all day!.
    And ive gone from dread to trying to keep a lid on euphoria just incase i have a bad day.
    That was the idea of the original post Lulu, if theres at least 1 person who's dreading waking the following morning? it's not over, as unlikely as it feels, you may be able to get this to a managable situation...
    Mine changed from full on grit or what felt like a hand full of sugar has been thrown in my eyes, to a 'proper!' corneal abrasion daily, then changed to deep nerve pulsing pain in one eye- Now im at pain managable, and no-more abrasions, i only get the normal ones once every few days that heal in 15-20 mins, not the rest of the day like i was...
    One person i feel who has not helped (apart from myself) was my 1st opthamolagist, who took a look and fobbed me off with a leaflet about Blepharitis, i went at it-the lid scrubs/massaging like a maniac, which looking back i reckon was causing eyelashes to loosen(heat-steam) so when one ended up in my eye.... Panic! still got Bleph!!.
    I had no Blepharitis symptoms, and 3 more opthamolagists said you aint got Bleph or its gone! i did not know who to belive??. so carried on with Bleph treatment.
    One by one, when feeling confident enough, ive withdrawn each procedure. the latest one being Lid massages i did in the shower after reading Rebbecas link, to 'overdoing lid scrubs/possible damage'.
    Yep were all differing in what helps and what does not, one size definatly does not fit all....


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      I think we have all gone through the feeling of euphoria, only to have it dashed many many times over many many years. Dont blame yourself for that, it is purely natural. Its just that so many people have so many different causes for thier dry eye and unfortunately one size does not fit all; if only it could...... Nobody on here would disagree with the fact of the effect of positive thinking on well being, but it may be a little more difficult to convince some of the more severe prolonged sufferer 's on here, that they may well be manufacturing thier own symptoms. Reading your posts, I tentatively suggest that your injury to your eye had a big part in your physical symptoms and because of the way our nerve endings works, pain can sometimes be very prolonged even after the main causative factor has largely abated. (neurogenic)
      When something new happens to us and it simply just keeps hurting us, we are powerless to stop it, it is not surprising that we panic, its horrible, like living with a bully that simply keeps on inflicting pain. Sometimes, this feeling that we get can take over and it starts to dominate our whole life, I know how this feels, been there myself on a few occasions. If it is there every day we fear what might be for the future and the thought that we will always have to cope like this, is just too awful to imagine. I guess this iswhere medication, meditation, kind relatives, good friends, belief in a higher power or just managing to cling to hope, come in. So, I do fully both see and understand the reasons for your post's Colin, believe me, I do. Its just that I have been where you are and perhaps because I have been ill with other things for many years, I have gone through different stages of despair and indeed relief when things have improved a little. Mine is likely to stay with me as I have other health related issues that do unfortunately get worse, thats not me being pessimistic, just realistic, so I do have a vested interest in keeping myself emotionally well. And because I have also come up against disbelief from those that were meant to help me, I have had to be very reasourceful and fight to get diagnosed and any treatment. I guess it came down to simpy knowing that I was right and that alone was my saving grace and the more I got stuff like "its in your head" or "its because you have just got divorced, lost a baby etc" thrown at me, the stronger I became and the harder I fought, because in the end, I was proved right about every aspect of my suspision's, oh how I sometimes wish they had been right.
      Hopefully you will continue to make a good recovery, I certainly wish you well.


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        Thought i'd share my 2 cents on this one.. im not on any medicament besides my dry eyes related ones but i'm big on weight training and i can say stimulants are really that bad for dryness :S

        i tried switching different types (caffeine, 1,3-dimethylamylamine, ephedrine) but they all dehidrates your body so much, even as little as 200mg of caffeine will strain my eyes for the whole day left

        now i just take 2 little espressos in day (both about 80mg of caffeine) making sure they are not close, like one in morning and one in the middle of afternoon, more as an habit than as a pre-workout energy boost.

        i also noticed more dryness with creatine so of course i stopped that as well :S