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Shingles vaccine

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  • Shingles vaccine

    I'm thinking about getting the shingles vaccine at the suggestion of my parents. I'm not 50 yet but apparently you can get shingles in the eye, and with all my current eye issues, the last thing I want is to risk that. It's off label under the age of 50 but apparently some doctors will do it (obviously, it won't be covered by insurance since it's off label). The risks seem relatively low compared to the disease, although you should not get it if you are on steroids or other drugs that affect the immune system; so I need to find out if Restasis / cyclosporine drops qualify since cyclosporine is classified as an immunosuppressant.

    Anyone have the shingles vaccine or talk to their doctor(s) about it?

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    I had the shingles vaccine about 7 months ago and I have been on Restasis for quite a long time.
    I never noticed any difference and my Primary Care doc is well aware of the fact.Maybe you should check first though. Good Luck


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      Thanks for that info! I'll check with my doctor but it's good to know you had it and had no problems.