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Drysol (RX deoderant) and dry eyes?

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  • Drysol (RX deoderant) and dry eyes?

    I know for a fact that my dry eyes are due to rubbing miconizole nitrate (this is in Neosporin AF anti fungal jock itch and yeast infection creams such as Monistat) on my head 2 weeks straight 2 months ago no doubt. I read this ingredient can cause eyes after the fact, plus it happend when I was using it along with other side effects i read that I still have although are better (COMPLETE loss of appetite for 2 months which is gradually getting better AND massive headaches) It was all no coincidence that stuff caused me the problems today. But I am wondering if using drysol (prescription deoderant) could have contributed to the problem? I rarely use it but do so more during the summer. I have used certain dry also but that is OTC so not as strong. I have used (2) 2 ounce containers in 2-3 years with perhaps having used 25% alone this summer. I read that this other prescription deoderant can cause dry eyes, it began with an R but forgot the name, maybe even it could have come in pill form or deoderant stick not sure. But i have not yet found that written about Drysol.

    I am paranoid now. Wont drink alcohol or coffee since they can dehydrate you. Wont use even otc deoderant since i dont know if it can systemically dry out my eyes further now that i am clearly predisposed. Knowing that the MC I rubbed on my head I used topically and still got into my bloodstream i am scared of what anything else can do. Also wont use any creams that are meant to be put directly on pimples to dry them out. Am I overdoing it? I am just so scared. The fact is miconizole nitrate is for fungal infections and certainly did not cause me harm when i used it as a yeast infection treatment long ago. But when I rubbed it on my head for the purpose of increasing hair growht, it absorbed in a totally different manner and went to different cells in my body than had it been used for its intended purpose. Knowing this I still fear doing the things mentioned in this paragraph.

    Any ideas appreciated. Also I would like to know what eye srubs are. Thank you!