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  • Paxil

    I am going on Paxil for headaches caused by anxiety/stress. It doesnt say anywhere on the prescription information that dry eyes could be a side effect, but I was wondering if anyone has taken this before?

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    I dont know about this specific one. I do know that some people have reported dry eye symptoms from these kind of pills and I dont think it mention it on the label.

    I think all you can do is give it a trial and see how your eyes do, if you notice it increases your symptoms, see your doc and see if you can switch to something else. Just because it may have casued symptoms in some people doesnt mean it will with you.

    Accutane doesnt cause eye problems in everyone who takes it. I dont think theres any way to tell for sure whether it will or it wont.

    Sorry, know thats not much help, but if the headaches and anxiety is a big problem for you, it may be worth just giving it a try for a while.

    Take care.