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Dry Eyes After Dilation Exam?

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  • Dry Eyes After Dilation Exam?

    I'm pretty sure I've had dry eyes for ten days now after a dilation eye exam that used 10% neosynephrine. It made my heart race as well. In any case ever since my eyes feel gritty and uncomfortable though its improving during the day but bothers me at night. I've used simple hot washcloth a few times a day. That's helpful. Putting a bit of coconut oil on my lids is useless.

    I did not have this before. I am not willing to use artificial tears as they are just that, artificial. This may go away on its own but I worry I am sensitive to the dilation drop which is routinely used.

    I ordered Nordic Naturals.

    Anybody have thoughts about being this sensitive?

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    I get my eyes dilated 2-3 times a year and have never had a dry episode after. It's quite likely it may just have that affect on your eyes. I'd mention it to the doc next time and see what his reaction is.


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      The drops are probably an antichononergic. So maybe