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Verteporfin, Is it possible?

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  • Verteporfin, Is it possible?

    Take a look I'm a complete newbie and just recently got dry eye and red veinage from an accutane cycle but I stumbled on this randomly.. Does anyone know about this? ever heard about this?

    It's used to remove blood vessels in the eye.. The drug is injected into your bloodstream and then once it's circulated a special light is shined in the eyes which activates the drug which is in those blood vessels as I understand it... The blood vessels are then destroyed and removed via the body naturally.

    This can be huge for people suffering from bloodshot eyes like me but I'm a complete newbie and I might be in over my head posting this.. Need someone who is in the know about these things to talk to...

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    nevermind just looked at the fda side effects and they are brutal..