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Anyone's dry eyes begin from or worsen with a diuretic or anti-biotic?

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  • Anyone's dry eyes begin from or worsen with a diuretic or anti-biotic?

    The ear doc will possibly give me an RX tomorrow for a diuretic for my nausea and I worry what that may do to my eyes. All I know is the opthamologist said not to use medicines for nausea/dizziness like Meclizine, Bonine (for nausea, motion sickness) those are OTC ones, not sure which RX ones that would be but there are some. I was diagnosed with Meneires disease and I guess meds for those things always decrease the water in your system all over.

    Also, I have an infection and since the first oral medicine did not work the nurse gave me an RX for some anti-biotic. I read somewhere here that anti-biotics can add to dry eyes. Has anyone experienced this? And is it only certain anti-biotics or all?

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    Certainly some people have their dry eye symptoms begin with diuretics but that's no reason to assume it will exacerbate yours. Often with medicine there are tradeoffs involved so we have to set priorities as well as to accept the fact that results may be less than perfect.

    As regards antibiotics, I don't recall ever hearing much here about antibiotics causing dry eye. To the contrary, some like doxycyline are used to treat meibomian gland dysfunction.

    Good luck with your appointment tomorrow.
    Rebecca Petris
    The Dry Eye Foundation


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      My kids picked up a bacterial sinus infection a few months ago and I caught it from them. I was prescribed an antibiotic for five days and had no side effects, but it didn't work because I was still very sick. Then I went back to the doctor and was prescribed a different antibiotic called Avelox and had horrible side effects. I got severe dry mouth from it (normally, I do not have any problems with dry mouth) and it made my dry eyes even worse and also made me nauseous. I then told the doctor about this and was prescribed yet another antibiotic and no longer had dry mouth but got even more nauseated to the point of vomiting. I just gave up on taking them, but finally got better anyway. There are so many different side effects that are possible with antibiotics, some are rare and some are common, but you may not even have a problem it just depends how your body responds to the drug..everyone is different. If you get side effects you'll notice within 2 to 3 days. If the side effects cause you a problem, then call your doctor and see if he/she can prescribe you a different one (there are many different antibiotics that will treat the same problem).
      Cause of dry eyes: Meibomian Gland Dysfunction