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Antihistamines, Birht control Pills

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  • Antihistamines, Birht control Pills

    ANTIHISTAMINES: Based on your experience, do antihistamines worsen your dry eye?
    I take Zyrtec daily for allergies, there are a lot of allergents in the city I live, most of the year.
    I know allergies can worsen the dry eye symptoms, but antihistamines can dry you more...right?

    An insteresting theory is that my previous dry eye ophtamlogist believes is that an antihistamine such a Singulair (which is an immnuno supressant) can help greatly with dry eye. I never tried this route b/c singulair gave me stomach problems but I may consider it in the future.

    BIRTH CONTROL PILLS: I'm about to change from BCP Orthotryciclen low to a new one called YAZ which is from the makers of YAZMIN. It is a Low Dose pill. But I'm also thinking that even if it is low dose it may be affecting my eyes, side effect of BCP always name "inability to wear contact lenses" as side effects and so does YAZ...
    Dr eyes caused by long term contact lens wear

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    I feel both affected me - antihistamines more noticeably.


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      Thanks Susie. I wishI had more replies...I'd like to know if some of you are on any antihistamines and if that's ok with your dry eyes vs all the allergens around, and waht antihistamines are more dry eye friedly...
      I have a prescription for Astelin, the one you spray directly in the nose. Any comments?

      Birth control pills...I was thinking about stopping them for a while. Side effects indicate they affect your eyes and mine are going through a rought phase now.
      Dr eyes caused by long term contact lens wear


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        Both of those as a general rule can worsen Dry Eye situations. There have cases where a lady will stop taking birth control pills and have to have her plugs taken out because the tears start again.