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How do you know if you are sensitive to BAK?

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  • How do you know if you are sensitive to BAK?

    So, I have been using Lotemax for three weeks (now tapering off) which was approved by my doctor. Pressures are at 14. However I have noticed this time around, the Lotemax has caused a little redness and burning once instilled in the eye. This goes away after about 10 minutes, but the preservative free Steroids I have do not cause redness or burning at all. Does this mean I am sensitive to BAK? I also use pataday which has BAK in it but the pataday doesn't cause redness. It actually helps.

    How do you know if you have become sensitive to it? Also is prednisolone stronger than Lotemax? Or are they the same in strength but different formulas?

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    I'd stay off BAK completely if I was you:


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      I have been using BAK products for a long time now (off and on) ... I guess this MAY be contributing to my problems? I have to use pataday right now as it is pollen season but won't be using it forever. I appreciate the video.. I think everyone on here should watch it!!

      I am assuming you stopped using BAK products?


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          And yet Bausch and Lamb is in love with the stuff it is in all of their products including the heavily used latemax.