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Side effects from Male Hormone Clinical Study

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  • Side effects from Male Hormone Clinical Study

    I was in a study with one placebo and three different percentage of male hormone. I obviously had the real deal because after two weeks my eyes began to make moisture.

    My only side effect. I looked at women a lot more and I stopped asking for directions. (I'm a worman) LOL LOL

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    male hormone

    Can you tell me how the male hormone was administered? Is this testosterone? I have had good luck with testosterone cream applied to the eyelid.
    Were you in this study strictly for dry eye considerations, or were there other factors involved? Sorry if that is too personal, you needn't elaborate on the 'other factors' if you don't wish to.


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      I have managed to get some 3% testosterone cream through my GP. (over $NZ60 for the jarful) Do you apply it just on the eyelid and /or just above the eyelid? How often did you apply it? Have you any warnings about it's use? I will be hoping this may help me as I am 60 and have been on HRT. And I did not get warned about the extra risks of dry eye at my age and gender when I had Lasik last October. Afterwards the surgeon said HRT may help. But I had been on it long before and I understand it makes things worse?
      I would love to hear more about Gogo's experiences.
      When the going gets tough - the tough get going!


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        I, too, would like to hear more of Gogo's story. I am using testosterone 2%. I rub it in the crease of my upper eyelid and also some underneath my eye. It really does seem to help me. I was told to apply it twice a day, but I only seem to need it in the morning.
        Google on 'testosterone cream dry eye' and you will come up with some interesting information.
        I don't know anything about HRT, or any other uses for t. cream.


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          I have a post with more information under 'share your story with prescription drugs' on my experience with testosterone cream....if you haven't already seen it.


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            Sorry I haven't gotten back till now.

            I just had left eye cataract surgery two weeks ago and it doesn't want to heal because of the dry eye. I've had four good days lets see if I' on the mend.

            Androgen tears is a male hormore. They did a base line test of our hormones when we were accepted into the study. It was an eye drop. If I remember correctly we used the drop twice or three times a day at specific time intervals. The first two weeks were awful but Dr. Sall got me through them. I was extremely glad because after two weeks the Androgen kicked in and I had very good moisture.

            They continued throughout the study to monitor our hormone levels by blood testing. They checked for facial hair growth and other things. Orginally, they tried this with oral medication but the side affects were not good. Dr. Sall saw significant improvement in my tests and dry eye. We were both very happy. He said that if it was approved, he would recommend six months on Restasis and six months on Androgen (alternating for me). I truly hope this is eventually approved. It activated moisture from the lacrimal gland not the goblet cells for mucin or lipids. I believe the Resistasis helps with the mucin also.

            I will say that your testoserone cream sounds very interesting. Did you try this on your own or did your doctor recommend it.

            Oh yes, Jcorbett it was a dry eye clincial study only. I have been on HRT for many years so this may counteract the effects of the HRT without affecting the female hormones that are needed.


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              t. cream

              I had read about testosterone cream and the promising results on women 'of a certain age'. Then I saw Dr. Foulk in Kentucky and he prescribed it. Dr. Foulk (or Foulks) was recommended by Dr. Holly. Google him and you will find a lot about him.