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  • Xanax

    I wanted to know if anyones dry eye condition got worse after taking Xanax. My doctor is suggesting that for my stress/anxiety and I was wondering if there was a correlation with dry eye. I looked around on the internet and never saw dry eye as a side effect, so just wondering.

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    I've used Xanax as needed (as little as 0x per week and as many as 6-8x per week) since my dry eyes set in to control anxiety. I can't say that it made my eyes feel more dry, but my eyes were pretty darned dry to begin with. As my eyes have slowly improved, my use of Xanax has decreased. For me, I'd say that Xanax has helped me a good amount in getting through this difficult period. Best. YGB


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      I use clonazepan, as needed, for anxiety. Lately only once a week or even less. It doesn't affect my eyes. I don't think it is a good idea to take anxiety meds too often b/c of the dependency issue.
      Dr eyes caused by long term contact lens wear


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        I do believe that reading this caused a light bulb moment to go on in my head! THANKS!!!!! I realize that most of you have the DES from lasik. I had cataract surgery. I was upset about facing cataract surgery. I am 59. I felt OLD... I got the news that surgery was needed around the time of my birthday (August)

        I told the doctor that I was anxious and having trouble sleeping. He didn't listen to me for the first surgery but he prescribed Xanax for me to take, starting before the second surgery on November 9th. There was a 2 week period between the first and second surgery. I was told that healing was on track and all was OK to proceed with the second. But I recall the doctor stating my eyes were dry. This was November the 4th, with 5 days out from the second surgery.

        Everything went haywire after the second surgery! I was having no trouble sleeping but after the subscription ran out and, no more were prescribed I had trouble sleeping, I felt terible, my eyes HURT! I got out the information sheet that the druggist gives with the drug. I read it and the list was there on the possible side effects. I underlined the side effects that were affecting me! Asked the doctor but the doctor said - oh no, it couldn't be the drug causing the dry eye. A doctor does NOT want to admit it that it is the drugs! Some of the less common main side effects are blurred vision or other changes in vision, dryness of mouth, (Well, wouldn't the eyes be dry too?), increased thrist, (if you are thristy, that means your body is drying out!) sensitivity to light, tingling, ithcy, burning of skin sensations. (well, couldn't my eyes be affected too?) One of more common is constipation. When that happens, it is your body hanging on to water! Plus problems with urination! What causes that - well, it is your body trying to stay hydrated!


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          Xanax is a benzodiazepine prescribed as a minor tranquilizer and doesn't have a drying side effect, unlike opioids that are pain medicine like morphine, heroin, codeine, hydrocodone, oxycodone.


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            Re: side effects

            Any med that lists dry mouth and/or constipation as a side effect can dry the eyes. I've been amazed to find out that meds such as gravol, NSAIDs, and any nightime/PM/sleeping pill is drying for me.

            I'm an avid reader of side effects now... it's as important to me as using drops, covering my eyes, etc.
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              I used to use Xanax (0.5 mg) as needed for anxiety in grad school and never noticed any drying effects. You might find that if you feel mentally better your dry eye might improve, or you'll at least be better able to cope with it.

              Give it a try and if it's too drying talk to your doctor about your other options.


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                i take xanax occasionally to sleep and no it doesn't dry my eyes or mouth at all