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Cataract Surgery August 1

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  • Cataract Surgery August 1

    Hi everyone:

    I'm having my second cataract surgery. My first one is what started all my problems. . I've let it go as long as I could without losing my drivers license. Please think of me on August 1, Monday. Thanks

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    aww, my prayers are with you!

    my complications are due to lasik surgery, and i'd never have the guts to get an enhancement. you're brave to go through it again, god bless,



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      Good luck, Gogo. Let us know how it turns out.


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        My thoughts and prayers are with you today and always. I'll send extra special vibes your way on August 1st!
        Take care,


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          Well, I'm four day out from surgery. So far, so good. I little gritty and dry, but so far nothing like the problems before. When I'm two weeks out I'll be happy if it keeps progressing like it is. I have to admit Wednesday night the fear started coming in on me but I had to remember that the doctor pinpointed the old medication that caused the problem and I'm not using it now. Soooo I hope it continues. Thanks for your thoughts on the 1st appreciate them.


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            As one who has had bad lasik and one bad cataract surgery, I wish you continued luck with your healing. I am leaving my intact cataract in as long as possible. Keep us posted of your progress. Lucy
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              Thought I had the walk in the park but NO

              Well, I thought I was going to have a walk in the park like others with the second cataract surgery. I'm twelve days out and a corner of incision is not healing. I think its the severe dry eye catching on the epitheal and not letting it completely heal. The doctor said "this is unusual." We're trying gel drops ( a lot for me) to see if will heal. Yipes I'm tired of the darn princess body.