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Any Tips to help with Red eyes?

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  • Any Tips to help with Red eyes?

    Hello all,
    I just wanted feedback on what some of you do to combat redness.
    As of right now I used preservative free tears (Optive Refreshe)
    and I just now started restasis.
    along with restasis I am using Flarex.
    I was using Pred Forte, which seemed to worked VERY WELL, but my opthamologist didn't want me using it long term, hence the Flarex.
    It's weird though, my eyes look red in certain lights, and less red or even white in other lights, why is this?!
    Any feedback would help! Thank you!

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    Not sure about helping to rid the redness of the eyes, but you can always draw attention away from your eyes by getting a new haircut or fringe or making your lips stand out more with a bright lipstick and gloss and liner etc.


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      Some random thoughts:

      1) Cold compresses
      2) Remember that being preservative-free is not a virtue, it's just an absence of a vice. Experiment till you get artificial tears that are also effective i.e. the ones that last longer than others and actually make your eyes feel better for a considerable time.
      3) Pay close attention to how your eyes respond to ANY drops. There is always the possibility of a sensitivity or allergy that may increase redness. These things can also develop over time.
      4) For some patients, using only serum drops can be helpful.
      5) If there is any history of more redness with Rx drops, consider getting preservative free Rx drops compounded.
      6) Look around for any possible environmental culprits even if you believe you do not 'have allergies'. Laundry soap, hairspray, face products, makeup, mold in the house, all kinds of things can prey on dry vulnerable eyes making them redder.
      Rebecca Petris
      The Dry Eye Foundation


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        I just saw this post. and Thank you Rebecca for your advice!
        I found out I'm allergic to quite a bit of things that I come into contact outside/inside in the awesome state of Texas.
        I'm actually going to see my opthamoligist this afternoon and I will ask about other eye drops that I can look into and ask them about serum drops, etc.
        Again, Thank you so much!


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          Mast cell stablizers but I wouldn't just put them in if you don't need them. I was told you can use them for a long time but would worry about preservaives.


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            Originally posted by Tanner View Post
            Mast cell stablizers
            Can you give me an example of what kind of eye drops is considered a Mast Cell Stablizer?? I am on steriod drops (Flarex) right now, it helps a bit but no fully, although I'd take how my eyes on the drops rather than what it is without it. Without Flarex my eyes burn/sting/and the veins inflame so much they are so noticable and make my eyes look red.


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              Chromolin not sure of spelling.