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new redness reducing eye drops with no rebound!

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  • Just a note for all red eye sufferers. Be aware that eyes will look red under florescent light. So if you are at work and you go into the bathroom and there are florescent lights in that room and you look in the mirror you may go OMG my eyes look awful! Yes in that light I guarantee they do but in real light or LED they don't. I remember the first time I noticed this I thought I had developed some awful infection but when I got home they looked normal (well as normal as mine ever look). If you have those pigtail lights in your bathroom try changing them out for LED's and see if that makes a difference.


    • Originally posted by Rebecca Petris View Post
      Yes, and

      Yes to this too

      There's no free lunch, sadly.... With all redness relievers, it's all about relative risk. Minimizing risk would look like both PF and infrequent use.

      Redness is a really frustrating problem when it's chronic. In some cases there's not a lot that can be done safely at all. But in many others, continuing to hunt for causes - including any and all OTC or Rx eyedrops that may be causing some irritation even while it's helping in other ways - and using remedies without side effects (cold compresses, cold saline rinses, etc) - and getting the best possible diagnosis and treatment plan for dryness, etc, can yield results.

      I think that a lot of people with chronic redness end up in double jeopardy from chronic use of allergy drops and redness relievers.
      Hi, I find this frustrating too.... For a few years I have had an issue with red veins that look too noticeable on the whites of the eyes and hoped maybe Lumify would be good. Sometimes they look more noticeable than at others (not so sure why; but hot weather doesn't seem to help, I don't think), but my eyes never look as white as I'd like. Doctors say my meibomius glands don't work well and so I use a dry eye drop called Vismed Multi, but sometimes I think maybe using that a lot might cause some irritation in itself. And some doctors have said I should be using hot compresses and lengthy pressing on the lid margins etc.. but if I do it regularly I seem to find that my eyes just look redder...

      At the moment I am trying a combination of things like using the lubricating drops but not too often, only when really needed and not more than around 3x a day, using humidifiers, using warm pads once a day for just a few minutes to loosen the oils a bit but not doing the pressing.. but also after a hot shower I do a bit of quick massage of the lids sometimes.

      I take omega 3 and also sometimes I put in some saline drops to make my eyes feel refreshed and sometimes use a cool pack for just 30 seconds or so (because I find it I use a cool pack for long then there's rebound redness from that...).... :-/

      Seems hard to find the right combination of things to keep the eyes comfortable, not too dry and not too red.... Last year I paid for a session of Lipiflow, which they combined with quite aggressive pressing of the lids afterwards, but it seemed to make the dryness worse if anything and irritated my lids...

      I also just got a soft eyeshield thing that's meant to keep your eyes moist overnight to try...

      I'm not sure what you meant by Rx eyedrops that can cause irritation? I've never tried PF....

      Thanks for the info on these forums.


      • Originally posted by Vivid Panda View Post
        Thank you very much for your thorough response. You are definitely correct in saying that very few people, including myself, are familiar with the risks associated to BAK. Would you say that the PF Clear-eyes multi symptoms eye drop is a safer bet? I've just been dealing with this chronic redness for a while and I'm about ready to start doing whatever I can for it. I suffer from dryness as well but I use refresh optive-3 eye drops and they seem to be effective in keeping the eyes adequately lubricated.
        Sorry, just saw this. It's a hard question. The ClearEyes Pure Relief Multi-Symptom is the only preservative free one so it's safer in the long term in terms of preservative damage but the redness reliever ingredient itself is much more likely to cause rebound redness if used regularly. Hard calls for sure !!
        Rebecca Petris
        The Dry Eye Foundation


        • Originally posted by diydry View Post
          I totally would too! Maybe we can write the company to tell them that.

          The "Contact Us" button on the Lumify homepage gave me this link:

          Might be worth a shot.