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can going back on birth control alleviate my dry eye symptoms?

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  • can going back on birth control alleviate my dry eye symptoms?

    I'm 33 and healthy, but have had problems with my eyes for about 4 years now. I have dry eye, issues with mgd, and am under the care of an optho who has improved my tear osmolarity through the use of the right eye drops and azasite, but I'm tired of still having some bad days and nights with my eyes. I hate to complain because I know it can be worse (and it has been before), but I'm tired of this and worried about dealing with it for the rest of my life. I was on birth control for over a decade and have recently read that it can cause dry eye issues. I'm wondering, since I never had these problems on birth control, whether going back on it might regulate something in my body that will make my eyes better. I asked my doc about this, but he gave a vague response and didn't seem to think investigating the cause of my eye problems made sense since I don't have other symptoms besides eye problems. Any thoughts?

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    I have a couple of young acquaintances who are in their mid twenties and have been on bc pills and now have a hard time wearing their contacts. Having said that, it is still possible that your hormones might not be balanced. I would first ask the doctor to test your hormone levels, inlcuding thyroid, estrogen and progesterone. I am menopausal and take a low dose of bio-identical hormones, and I think this helps somewhat with my eyes.

    There are some older post here about bc pills and dry eyes, might be worth reviewing them as well.


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      thank you, bella-girl. i did have my hormones checked. i'll ask my doctor about the results, but i was told everything was normal. thanks.


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        I have been on and off BCPs for the last two years and have noticed no significant difference in my DES whether I am on the BCPs or not.
        Every day with DES is like a box of chocolates...You never know what you're going to get.