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new interest in testosterone therapy

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  • new interest in testosterone therapy

    I've just come from my 4th IPl treatment, with limited success . My kind Dr., who is trying hard to help me, tell me that there is going to be a testosterone cream on the market early in 2013 that may be more help to someone like me- post-menapausal, severe dry eye, mgd. There's an article in Review of cornea and contact lenses titled
    "it's time for testosterone" dated 3/06/2012. Has anyone head anything about this?

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    Testosterone creams are available now. You can google Dr. Charles Connor of the Southern College of Optometry in Memphis TN. He developed "T4DE" years ago. You can call the People's Custom Compounding Pharmacy in Memphis and the pharmacist can tell you how it's made (just 3% or another % of testosterone in a vanishing cream).

    Leiter's has a compounded DHEA drop (DHEA is supposedly a precursor of testosterone). I tried compounded DHEA cream on the lids but it didn't do anything for me.

    You can also search DEZ for "testosterone" and there's lots of information.


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      Has anyone here been helped by the testosterone we can now buy? Guess you need a prescription. I know the health food store creams don't help and have tried those.


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        All the testosterone that I've seen (for dry eyes or other problems*) is available only by prescription.

        Dr. Connor was prescribing testosterone for dry eye (to be put on the lids) back in ~2002. His cream, T4DE (Testosterone 4 Dry Eye), was in the news mainly from 2006-2007.

        The only evidence I have ever heard of it working is anectodal (in other words, I've not seen any studies with sufficient numbers of people).

        Low testosterone (aka androgen) has also been linked to Sjogren's but I don't know if the research has been replicated enough (among other things) to definitively tie the two. But there's always new stuff coming out...

        - See for e.g., (2010) (2009)

        * as Hopeful posted recently testosterone cream/gel is also used for low libido
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          Thanks all for your kind replies. the 2012 article mentions Argentis Pharma as having acquired the patents in 2008 based on Dr. Connor's work and says they are currently awaiting FDA approval. My Dr. seemed to think this was close to happening. Spmcc is right though- the evidence that this works is based on ancedotal info and small studies- I'm thinking that there's a huge generation of boomers coming up on things like cataract surgery that can't have a good outcome with a compromised eye surface. Maybe this happened to me cause of all that pot I smoked back in the '60's? or maybe it was that mescaline trip at the Stones concert at Shea? This being old really does suck big time!


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            LOL bunnyrabbut! Maybe we both need to get back to a '60s type treatment. A little medicinal cannabis? Which reminds me, think I missed Mick on SNL this last weekend. Good luck to you. I do think the hormones will help, so thanks for posting this info.


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              Originally posted by bunnyrabbit123 View Post
              I'm thinking that there's a huge generation of boomers coming up on things like cataract surgery that can't have a good outcome with a compromised eye surface.
              I just think there is a huge interest in hormones for every ailment right now. It's very "on trend" (think Suzanne Somers)

              Originally posted by bunnyrabbit123 View Post
              Maybe this happened to me cause of all that pot I smoked back in the '60's?

              I doubt it was the pot... maybe it was the entire cake (full of sugar) eaten after smoking!


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                What a hoot!!! . . .
                I did get a prescription for some testosterone cream. I had contacted a doctor in somewhere in the States who had done a lot of research on testosterone, menopause and dry eye. He suggested a three % cream applied to the eyelids. A local gynecologist said my GP could prescribe it. She added that if there is any glitch in getting the script, just mention the menopausal symptoms of low libido and your GP will gladly send you on your way with some much needed testosterone cream.

                Shortly after my lasik, I ran into my hippie friend in the grocery store. He very kindly offered to bring me some chocolate brownies that would be sure to make my post lasik painful eyes feel better!


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                  Oooh! special chocolate brownies . I remember being virtually immobilized by those things! Hopeful, did you fill the Rx for testosterone cream? Was it any benefit?


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                    I did fill the prescription of testosterone cream. At the time that I tried it I don't think it was particularly helpful. When I spoke with the doctor who was involved in formulating the right dosage, he said that he wasn't sure that it would be of much help for someone with post lasik dry eye. I do believe that I may have a mixture of post lasik dry eye and menopausal dry eye. I might be in a better position to try it now, a year after my lasik.


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                      Hi hopeful,

                      yes the point your doc makes is valid. Hormone balancing with testosterone or any other hormone is far less likely to help in the case of a lasik induced DES.

                      The lasik procedure disrupts the cornea and when that doesn't heal adequately over time, dry eyes can happen unfortunately.


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                        What's the difference between this cream and using something like Androgel?

                        Finding a doc who will prescribe this cream is next to nill. Though I am on testosterone replacement therapy. So, maybe I could get my endo to prescribe the cream or something. Not sure how to ask him though as I don't think he'd go for the I'm putting it on my eyes thing.


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                          I used progesterone cream and testosterone on my eyelids for some time (dr connors)- it didnt help.
                          I healed my dry eye with nutrition and detoxification. I'm now a Nutritional Therapist at: Join my dry eye facebook group:


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                            video on testonterone dry eye



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                              I have been using prescription dry eye drops with small amounts of testosterone and progesterone. They are made at a compounding pharmacy and were prescribed to me by my optometrist, who specializes in dry eye treatments. While they don't work miracles, I have seen a noticeable improvement when I use them.

                              I apply them 4x/day. The drops sometimes irritate my eyes a little for maybe 10 minutes or so, but it's nothing major. They make enough of a difference to be very helpful to me. I'm in physical therapy school and was having serious problems with limitations in my studying before I got the drops. Since I've been using them I've been able to study about as much as I need to, though at times I do have to hold back a bit, especially late at night. They cost me about $70/mo, which is a little pricey but compared to what I've spent on dry eye stuff so far is not that bad.

                              I've been to a lot of doctors, and have only heard about the drops from this one optometrist who prescribed them. Here is some info about ingredients taken from the Rx form:

                              PROGESTERONE MICRONIZED 0.005 GM
                              TESTOSTERONE MICRONIZED 0.005 GM
                              NATURE'S TEARS (MAJOR) 9.990 ML

                              As you can see above, it's a very low dose of testosterone along with progesterone.

                              What I like about these drops:

                              - I see a noticeable improvement, though still have dryness.
                              - They're helping me get through PT school (with a 7 month old baby).

                              What I'm not so crazy about:

                              - The solution has preservatives.
                              - I don't like the idea of being on any kind of prescription indefinitely.

                              I've tried to work in some natural ways to increase testosterone. Exercises like lifting heavy weights and sprinting can help. I don't think that low testosterone is actually the cause of my dry eyes. I've been tested and was within the normal range before ever taking the drops.

                              Overall, I have to say that I'm very glad to have them and would say they're worth giving a try. Message me if you'd like info about the optometrist I see.