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new interest in testosterone therapy

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    please tell me where did you get the testosteron eye drops, even if i live in Eurooe,maybe i can speak with your optometrist or find the pharmacy ...i have severe dry eyes and i know for sure hormonal imbalance may cause that / or aggravates it...thank you


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      please tell me where did you buy the testosteron eye cream? thank you


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        great difference,because Androgel cream is dormulated to be used on the skin,not on the eye lids( it has harmfull ingredients & preservatives) ...i thought about that too,but i,m a MD myself and i checked it...we need a special eye cream with testosteron inside it...i,d like to know too where to find it...


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          i can,t find dr Connor there...and neither Leiter pharmacy ( may 2015) ...does somebody know where can i get testosteron eye cream? thank you


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            majestic: If your testosterone is not low, then why do you take these drops? Are they still helpful?

            Originally posted by majestic.moose View Post
            I have been using prescription dry eye drops with small amounts of testosterone and progesterone. They are made at a compounding pharmacy and were prescribed to me by my optometrist, who specializes in dry eye treatments. While they don't work miracles, I have seen a noticeable improvement when I use them.

            I apply them 4x/day. The drops sometimes irritate my eyes a little for maybe 10 minutes or so, but it's nothing major. They make enough of a difference to be very helpful to me. I'm in physical therapy school and was having serious problems with limitations in my studying before I got the drops. Since I've been using them I've been able to study about as much as I need to, though at times I do have to hold back a bit, especially late at night. They cost me about $70/mo, which is a little pricey but compared to what I've spent on dry eye stuff so far is not that bad.

            I've been to a lot of doctors, and have only heard about the drops from this one optometrist who prescribed them. Here is some info about ingredients taken from the Rx form:

            NATURE'S TEARS (MAJOR) 9.990 ML

            As you can see above, it's a very low dose of testosterone along with progesterone.

            What I like about these drops:

            - I see a noticeable improvement, though still have dryness.
            - They're helping me get through PT school (with a 7 month old baby).

            What I'm not so crazy about:

            - The solution has preservatives.
            - I don't like the idea of being on any kind of prescription indefinitely.

            I've tried to work in some natural ways to increase testosterone. Exercises like lifting heavy weights and sprinting can help. I don't think that low testosterone is actually the cause of my dry eyes. I've been tested and was within the normal range before ever taking the drops.

            Overall, I have to say that I'm very glad to have them and would say they're worth giving a try. Message me if you'd like info about the optometrist I see.