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upper eyelid "Sweep"...Anyone have this?

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  • upper eyelid "Sweep"...Anyone have this?

    A young female doc at an NYC eye clinic took a long Q-tip, soaked it in a few drops of something, and sweeped inside my upper eyelid to remove a piece of debris that flew into my right eye on a really windy day 2 years ago. Anyone have an idea of what she may have used? I have that long Q-tip plus some Unisol and ocufresh saline eye wash in my house but not sure if they're good to do the "sweep" thing? I saw an eyelash close to my upper lid border on my left eye, but couldn't quite grab it. I want to try the "sweep" technique she did!

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    I use my Systane eyedrops to wet the qtip. They are kind of gooey so they seem to pick up the thing you're trying to sweep out. I have used any drops or wetting agent I have if I'm out of Systane. It just seems to work the best. Sometimes I'm surprised at the gunk I sweep out but it really does work well for me. Be very gentle so as not to scrape the inner eyelid.



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      systane...might try it for a sweep. I HATED it as an eyedrop since it would crust my lashes up and be messy when I woke up. Will it crust when I use it as a sweep? Which systane formula are you using? I saw regular and preservative free in stores I think.


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        I use the preservative free but I don't think it would matter. I just like the slightly gooey texture for "sweeping" since the goo seems to attract whatever is up under my lids. As for the crustiness, I just splash water on my eyes and dry them. That seems to get the systane off before it can dry and get crusty.


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          another "Sweep" question..

          sorry for being annoying (lol), but I was just curious if you ever had the little cotton threads from the swab stuck in your eye when sweeping under the lids a few times or does that only apply if you don't wet it with anything (systane,unisol,etc)?

          Thanks for replying!