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Finally something that relieves my bleph

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  • Finally something that relieves my bleph

    After suffering from Blepharitis for several years I finally found something that helps. It's called the style'n'clean pen and I found it on a random website while searching the web. It looks like a mix of a mascara brush and an electric toothbrush. You can attach a little sponge to it which you can use for cleaning. It mechanically rotates both ways and heats up which has done wonders for the cleaning of my eyelids and ridding it of the dandruff and scales. I started out with using it twice a day but am now down to once a day as my bleph is more under control than it has ever been. In the pack I bought is also came with a cleansing gel which has done wonders for the swelling of my eyelids. I hope this can help others, as I know a lot of people are struggling with bleph.

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    Hi did this help your eyes to look whiter?


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      Hi Sleek822
      Yes it really has. Since I started using it my eyes don't get red anymore which is such a relief.