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Post operative from corneal debridement, not good

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  • Post operative from corneal debridement, not good

    Hi all,

    I've posted several times on the problems I've had post operative from a corneal debridement. First I'd like to thank all who responded and apologize that I haven't responded sooner to the last posts by me.

    I saw a new corneal specialist 6 days ago. He diagnosed me with a corneal abrasion caused by a slothing off of the cornea post operative. He applied a tinted bandaid contact lens which will remain on until atleast May 22nd. Luckily there was no infection which was my greatest fear. He had me up my prednisolone steroid drops again and tomorrow I taper it down.

    To this date the only thing that has improved is the pain and discomfort the eye. The light sensitivity, the poor vision and the haze has continued.

    One member here talked about upping eye drops and yes, the new corneal specialist prescribed a lubricating eye drop that I used 6 times a day for 5 days. Those drops helped the pain considerably, that and the application of the bandaid contact lens helped me sleep for the first time in over a week.

    Not too sure how this eye will heal now but atleast the pain and discomfort is gone. Won't be able to work in my desired field if the light sensitivity continues. Operating room lights are extremely bright and right now I need an extra pair of sunglasses to go thru walmart at night. Speaking of night, I can't drive, headlights from the incoming traffic just blind me.

    But thank you once again each and every one that responded to my posts. I appreciate them, it helped a great deal.

    God bless.