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Lids stuck together in Morning following injury to Cornea

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  • maf19
    I had pretty much exactly what you describe. I got it immediately after having PRK surgery. It is about 85-90% resolved now a little over a year later. Muro-128 5% ointment helped a lot. I dealt with the morning problems for 11 months before trying the Muro and that helped pretty much immediately.

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  • Lids stuck together in Morning following injury to Cornea

    Hi all, this is my first posting so no doubt I'm repeating many previous postings, sorry.
    Last April I badly scratched the cornea of my left eye in a garden incident. I attended Manchester Eye Hospital (UK) and was given antibiotic eye cream, Lacri-Lube for the night and drops for the day. Since the accident I've suffered with my eye lid being "glued" together in the morning. Trying to open them caused me intense pain and irritation which lasted through the day. I've now taught myself to be aware of the issue when waking and open my lids by hand. I made a couple of return visits to the hospital and they told me to use a tear gel instead of the Lacri-Lube which has made no different to my condition, in fact it has worsened. If I manage to open my eye in the morning without pain I then have absolutely no problems in the day. I use Systane preservative free vials in the day by the way, and have now this week returned to the Lacri-Lube.

    So 9 months later and no better. My questions are;
    What's going on?
    How long will this last?
    Is this condition curable?
    Am I taking the correct medication?
    Do I need to see a consultant who specialises in this condition (I've found one by the way) and other than a correct diagnosis, what could he do?
    I was told by a local optician that the use of creams at night could block the lubricating glands, is this the case?
    Hoping for help, thanks.