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Can an eye injury or accident actually start off dry eye?.

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  • Can an eye injury or accident actually start off dry eye?.

    Many people i have seen mention " i was ok till, i got thumped in the eye or maybe a speeding tennis ball for example" and have had 'dry-eye' ever since... Me myself, i shot a piece of tile into my eye from motor saw and it all started on that day.

    Therefore.... Can a scratch or abrasion, or blow to the eye cause a mini chain reaction that leaves an until then perfectly healthy person with dry-eye?.

    You would think not? but folk do claim they knew nothing about 'dry-eye' prior to an injury/blow...

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    Well Colin, I injured my eye 9 months ago and I'm still having problems (see my post of today) a holy bush was my downfall, safety specs from now on!!


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      Take a peep at your 'Notifications' Shaker.... (top right of screen)..


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        Hmm....I wonder this too sometimes. I started having dry eye several months after i suffered a corneal ulcer...likely due to sand under my contact lense. Ive never had eye problems prior to this
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          Hey Gormz how are you doing these days? I had 4 temp plugs placed and have noticed maybe a 25-30% improvement. It's not the epiphora I was hoping for and I'm rather confused by how minimal the effect has been. Anyway it's been awhile since we chatted and I though and wanted to know how your eyes have been.


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            This is a very pertinant point. I had a DCR surgery where they cut through bone and leave a bicanicular tube in the punctas that run into the nose for 6 weeks. The surgery was in 2007 and since then, I've had severe evaporative dry eye, then the other eye became dry too. Upon telling the surgeon it's bone dry after he removed the tubing, you could guess his answer, "I'll put a plug in there or cauterize it".


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              I know this is an old thread but I was wondering if you guys recovered from your injury induced dry eyes? I'm in the same situation where I had a bi-lateral corneal abrasion due to dust from a belt sander being shot in my eyes. I was wearing glasses but it shot underneath. Now I have severe dry eyes. I'm hoping to recover from this nightmare and hoping you did too.