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  • watery eyes

    Hi, has anyone with rce and wearing bandage contacts ever woke up with a rash around the eyes and eyes that just poor out water? my daughter woke up like this this morning but has now calm down! she is on hylo forte every half an hour lacri lube during the night sodium chloride 2 days a day and chorampenical antibioctics 4 times a day!! can anyone help?? x

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    Hello Sammygirl - I'm guessing could be serious infection again and/or erosions, or could be just reaction to overnight drops or chloramphenicol or soreness from weeping eyes overnight.

    Just wondering why so much chloramphenicol and if there's been more infection recently? Could be it needs a swab and a rethink.

    Whatever it is, it needs looking at urgently by a paediatric ophthalmologist. I like your guy very much but it wouldn't hurt to have more of a team approach on this and take advantage of what's available NHS.

    I have to say I would have your little one seen in tertiary referral at Moorfields Eye Hospital at least once, even if only for a one-off assessment and to have weekend backup if needed. Maybe have a chat with Pinklady about who she's seeing and how it's going x


    Hi Sammygirl ~ good to talk PM on chat yesterday, hope things work out well for you guys today x

    Has anyone had similar experience with bandage contact lenses: rash, overtearing, photophobia, that faded during the day?
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