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My eyes always get most dry on top, Is this erosions I'm experiencing?

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  • My eyes always get most dry on top, Is this erosions I'm experiencing?

    I'm plugged everywhere, got restasis and serum drops.

    It's always in the same spot, my eyes sometimes make pools on the bottom of the eyelid, but it's always dry on top.

    This spot that gets so bad has been tormenting me for a long time,possibly ever since my dry eye happened. It's in the right eye, I think upper right corner of the cornea, if you look up and then right with your eyes, that is the direction of this spot that I suspect is some kind of erosion happening.

    When I don't use my eyes too hard I never feel it, when I use my eyes on stuff like the computer a lot I feel it, at that point I have to take it veery easy or it gets a lot worse, the pain area spreads and becomes larger.

    It's always better in the morning after sleeping, but if I don't take it easy that day it quickly comes back after a while, definitely heals when I sleep.

    It feels like a grain of sand or an eyelash poking me, but I can't find anything there. I've been to atleast one doctor when I had this thing but that doctor did not see anything, which I found weird, well it would not be the first time a doctor made a mistake like that.

    I hoped my new serum drops would stop this but I just got it again, perhaps it's time to look into sclerals, would they cover the top of my eyes, keeping it moist?

    So, do you think it is an erosion or something else?

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    I have been experiencing something very similar to this in the upper right corner of my right eye as well. I have had this pain for over 2 years now and the doctors I've seen can't seem to figure out what is causing this pain. They did say that they see no signs of corneal erosion, but it feels like something hard is constantly poking my eye in this area. One of my theories is that it could be a stye that formed beneath a closed meibomian gland and that probing might help, but my doctors seem reluctant to try this method. If I ever find the cause of this I will definitely let you know. I hope this helps.


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      My dryness is mostly at the top, too. I was told my mgd is mainly on the upper lid, which is interesting since normally people have it worse on the lower lid. However, mine feels driest in the morning after waking up.

      If I lift my eyelids up, sometimes I see my eyes lack a layer.. (it's mostly the inner corner, esp. with the right eye) is that what's called a "dry spot"? Whenever it looks like that I start feeling dry eye symptoms like soreness, windy, pulling/stabbing, etc. When the dry spot goes away my eyes actually feel normal. I'm not sure why or how but I think it's related to how well I keep up with my warm compresses. If anyone else is able to weigh in on what's going on, that'd be much appreciated!


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        Update: Well, it was an extremely small eyelash that was poking into my eye.. Pulled it out and I don't get this pain anymore. I wish I'd have checked for eyelashes in the start, I went for months with this..

        Although my eyes still get most dry on top, near the area where the lacrimal glands are.


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          Too anyone else. Mgd causes irritation of the lids,plus the clogged glands probably equals discomfort. Ive experianced the same thing.