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  • Advice for EBMD

    Gonna make a long story short! Have EBMD and RCE's. I've been wearing a contact bandage lens for approximately 4 months (changing it every 10-12 days). It's helped tremendously, to the point I don't even think or worry about erosions anymore.

    The lens was prescribed by my optometrist. He said that if you can go like 10-12 months without an erosion, your eye should be 'healed' and 'anchored' enough to really reduce the risk of future erosions.

    However, I did see an opthamologist last week for a follow up appt. He was shocked that I was wearing a lens for that long, and recommended I stop it, and go back to trying Muro, Doxy, FML. I said since I haven't had an erosion in 4 months, shouldn't I continue with the lens for a few more months before removing it? He said I could, but eventually I'll have to 'try' living without it, and recommended I 'try' it now.

    Anyway, I'm confused as to what I should do. Is there any truth to the whole 10-12 month 'healing' time frame? As of now I still have it in, and will continue to for another 2 months. I'm just looking for some advice. Again, I've seen two doctors, and have received conflicting recommendations.

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    Hi, just what you need is two docs with different advice It's confusing enough just trying to navigate this whole dry eye business without the Dr's making you feel insecure. I wear contacts now but remove daily, they have helped me so much, I still have problems because my main problem is lack of tears, my eyes are so dry, but I've been able to wear the contact, which is astounding really, without the contacts I would get constant corneal abrasions, and lot's of pain. I'm wondering if I'm experiencing a bit of RCE because since trying Restasis yet again (three or four tries now) I've been waking up with one of my eyelids stuck to my eye, very painful, I will see the Corneal specialist next month and will let him know of my new symptoms. What I don't understand is if the contacts are helping you it only makes sense to continue in them, unless of course they caused some harm. Honestly I would keep wearing them as long as no one tells you that they are in any way harming your eyes...geez I just wish that DES had a bit more priority in the medical field, we need a cure. Best of luck to you, glad to hear you're feeling better with the RCE.


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      Hi Terrapin,
      Saw your post and thought I would reply with our experience. My daughter suffered with severe RCE's every 4 weeks so we tried bandage contact lens for a few months to see if this would break the habit. A few months went by and she was like a different child, so happy and no problems at night. We decided to persevere with a few more months with the lenses in. Doctors were very against this due to the risk of infection and limited oxygen getting to the cornea. We used the lenses that allowed the most oxygen through. We kept going with the BCLs for a year with only 2 erosions and 1 infection during this time. The consultant advised us after a year we had to stop and see if her eyes had healed with them. Exactly 5 weeks after taking the lenses out, she had a very large erosion across most of her eye. (Incidentally it was been very hot here in the UK so this won't have helped). As you can imagine I am deeply disappointed that this doesn't appear to have prevented the erosions and her eyes have gone back to exactly as they were.

      I am now of the opinion that we may put the BCLs back in as my daughter was so happy whilst she had them in. We have an appointment with the consultant tomorrow to discuss this.

      I wish you the best of luck and hope my story hasn't put you off trying a bit longer.