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  • drop reminder

    It is important to take medical therapy in a timely manner. This includes artificial tear therapy. If drops are instilled after discomfort is felt then it is too late.

    There is an App that works with iphones and androids called EyeDROPS. Its free and it sets up a schedule of reminders throughout the day to put in drops. It was originally created for glaucoma patients and I have found it to be very beneficial for patients with ocular surface issues.

    I would be interested in hearing how many people are diligent with a regular time schedule with drops and how many people think this might be a benefit.

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    Thank you, indrep!



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      Great idea, Indrep!

      I use a spreadsheet to track my drops (compulsive, eh?) and make notes on what works and conditions. Have tried to set up a daily alarm on my cell to remind me when away from home but it only can be set for one time, i.e. every day at 11:30 am, so more frequent daily alarms aren't possible.

      Would be interested in trying the app, though my cell is the antique flip, not the android or iphone.

      Thank you!

      PS Power and HEAT are back on!!! YAY! Post Sandy power outage lasted FOUR chilly nights. SO grateful it wasn't worse.


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        When my first specialist said I needed to put drops in every hour, I just set an alarm on my iPhone for each hour up to approx bedtime.

        Congrats on getting your power back Blinks!