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Travel in rural Kenya

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  • Travel in rural Kenya

    Hi all,

    I'm planning to make a three week trip to rural Kenya in August, to volunteer with a development project there run by a UK charity I volunteer for. I've been out there before with the charity, but eight years ago, before I had my current dry eye problems. I will probably take doxy for malaria protection, so hoping that will be helpful for my eyes, but I am really concerned about my ability to do hot compresses there. Mainly as there definitely won't be a microwave, and I think we'll just have some kind of rudimentary stove. I am also concerned about the potential to get eye infections etc from the compress (due to bad water quality and general unsanitary conditions), so am wondering about whether there is any kind of disposable cover that might exist so I can protect my eyes? Would be grateful for any advice that others might have - thanks so much!


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    Hi Rachel,

    If you will have a stove and can boil water you can try these:
    I haven't tried them yet but I bought a pair for travel, with water quality issues in mind. You can use them dry, they have some kind of activator inside that heats them by pressing on it. Then you boil water and immerse them in it to recharge the activators, then dry and and reuse. it sounded like the perfect solution. They are supposed to heat to 130 degrees F and hold the heat for at least an hour. More about them here:
    Good luck in Kenya!