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LipiFlow device - what the????

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  • Hey guys , Im Andrea I suffer from dry eyes - MGD / blepharitis ( Posterior ) Im 25 years old .

    the only things that helped me a bit is optimel manuka honey drops and pensulvit gel .

    So my new doctor said that I produced too much oil , which is kinda strange because I did LIPIVIEW and it show that my glands are blocked plus some are dead .

    he raccomands to also start oral doxycycline 100 mg.

    my question is : it is better to try probing ( ****** ) to unblock the glands ( in that case some good response about it are welcome ).

    or is better to do lipiflow ? Also lipiflow is less invasive , and I heard that

    PROBING could damage your glands ... is that true ?

    I already did LIPIVIEW . And it shows this
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    • mbperso
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      yes baby shampoo not good !
      Doxy: be careful don't expose to the sun ! You need to take it for 1 month to feel relief if it works.

    • Italyboy
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      All right guys so another question , I have to option right know :

      1 : this doctor want me to do a session with IPL with a mask ( not the gel one ) ( is in Italian but the mask is that one , someone have ever traied it ?). +

      PLUS again another try with probing after the mask wither the heat.

      2 doing Lipiflow instantly , without probing , just lipiflow go see if actualy help.

      also my thought is doing IPL First with the probing , because probing will ( in theory) open the scars and free the glands , and than lipiflow will be more Effective .

      what you think guys ? Should I do lipiflow before or after the ipl session ? And also how long I have to wait for this session ( I mean IPL than 2 week later LIPIFLOW)

      thanks .

    • mbperso
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      I'm not specialist of IPL but I would say first probing (free glands) then Lipiflow (clean glands and renew meibum) then IPL after 2 months

  • Hi guys, I am looking to get Lipiflow done for my MGD, and know that there is a location in Abbotsford but was wondering if any of you know a closer location in Vancouver?



    • Johno_87
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      Originally posted by farmgirl View Post
      I couldn't tell you, all I know is that he feels he is getting better results with it. The cost for 4 treatments with the tear testing and lipiview included is going to be $1700 if I buy the package. I understand that the lipiflow is something like $700 per eye for one treatment (just going by comments on the forum), so I think the cost is better as well.
      Thanks, let me know how yours goes when you get it.

    • farmgirl
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      For sure will do

    • hopeful_hiker
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      You can do Lipiflow in Sidney, BC.

      There is also a guy in Surrey but I have lost faith in him because he thought higher osmolarity is good.

      Lynn Valley folks seem to be good. I have not done IPL with them but I see them regularly.