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  • Tear Science's Lipiflow

    Well, they finally posted something about the enigmatic device, Lipiflow. From the video, the resultant MGD extractions look very similar to what happens after IPL. And mechanically, it appears to be very similar - internal heat and pressure. Good news is that this gives doctors a fancy piece of capital equipment with a hefty office visit price tag that will make them more amenable to us as patients. Sad, but true. Hopefully this will be reimbursable. And of course, if this works economically, it will attract more $$$ to this area - always good. As an MGD sufferer, I am really happy that there is a realization that dry eye is most commonly evaporative eye (estimates that 70% of dry eye is due to lipid deficiency). It appears that FDA approval is still pending. The FDA is cracking down on the up to now easy approval process for medical devices (my husband's device is in it's 3rd FDA submission revision - they are getting very picky!) and so we may not see this as soon as we would like. But it may help to start talking to your Dr about this. I know that Tear Science was at the ASCRS meeting last weekend. Hope that everyone is well.


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    I saw this device at the recent AAO in Chicago. It will cost practices $80,000 and the patient cost is expected to be $700-$750 per treatment. The bottom line is heat is applied with a pulsating action. In other words warm compress with massage.

    The FDA has become very stringent on the endpoints of success when considering approval for dry eye disease treatments. The doctors I spoke with were skeptical that this will get approval soon. They were also skeptical of true benefits for cost.


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      FDA is becoming stringent regarding end point criteria for dry eye drugs. Devices are subject to a different and unique submission process.

      The device heats the gland (not sure how - radio frequency or even IPL) sufficiently to liquefy meibum. This is not possible with a warm compress as you would burn your skin at the heat point necessary to liquefy meibum. This is similar to what IPL treatments accomplish.

      Doctors always poo poo everything that has not paid them to be on their advisory board.


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        Re: lipiflow device

        The "good" thing about this 'thermodynamic device' is that patients may only need a treatment twice a year. The cost, therefore, might be close to buying monthly restasis or IPL.

        I'd try it!


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          This sounds great for people in the US, and maybe others countries. If I know the norwegian government, this will not be available in Norway for a looong time..

          anyway.. So it works for people with MGD, and that's great, but what about people like myself, where the M.Glands are producing a constant flow of low quality oil. Plus my M.glands are producing 2 times, or maybe more oil than normal (crusty/debris on eye lashes).

          Anyway, it's good that they start to develop machines like this
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            I question whether the device can be completely sterilized between uses. Can't tell from looking at the video.



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              I do not see a video?


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                Has the video been removed from that link that was given. I cannot find it there.


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                  Lipiflow in the UK

                  I enquired at the Centre for Sight in London - they have acquired this piece of equipment.


                  Initial consultation to assess suitability for treatment is 180.

                  One treatment with Lipiflow - 875 for both eyes and 451 for one eye.

                  As it is new, the person on the phone could not tell me how many treatments a person typically might need.

                  They are based near Harley Street.


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                    You can get treatment with it in canada. Bring your check book.


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                      Hi Mike,

                      Do you know who is doing the treatment in Canada? I contacted Tears Science for info but haven't heard back from them yet.


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                        I heard somone in montreal is doing it but not sure who. If I hear the name in travels ill pass the info along.


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                          I posted another thread a few weeks ago about my experience with Lipiflow as a research subject. I have had it done 3 times over 2 years and it is getting more refined and easy to use. I now fog up my goggles Hopefully insurance will cover it, I tried Restasis 3x for several months each time, and my insurance paid a lot, and it didn't help at all. It seems more common sense to me to use heat and pressure to unplug a blogged gland than to take a pill..But will the drug companies try to prevent its' approval?