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IPL in Europe?

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  • IPL in Europe?

    Hi all

    I was just wondering if anyone has heard of an opthalmo who does dry eye IPL in Europe?
    I've seen lots of good reviews about the treatments done in the US, but so far no luck finding a practitioner on this side of the Atlantic. I contacted the manufacturers of E>Eye who gave me a couple of names in France, but neither of them actually do the treatment...

    Grateful for any leads!

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    I contacted E>Eye too a few weeks back and they said that dr. Malbrel does the treatment. He has a practice in Reims, France.
    I have an appointment with him on September 16.


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      The dry eye centre in London does it. I should know, I've had it done there.


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        Originally posted by teddy1324 View Post
        The dry eye centre in London does it. I should know, I've had it done there.
        How did you get on there?


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          Hi all,

          I'm having an initial IPL assessment soon at the dry eye centre in London and would really like to have some feedback from people who's been there/had the treatment. I guess my main question/ concern lies in the permanence of relief the treatment should give. I have been suffering from MGD for a long time now and I am aware of the chronical nature of this condition. At the website I think they mention 4 initial treatments including lid expression should help getting the glands back to normal functioning. Is that true from your experience? How many regular treatments do you need to have to maintain normal functioning?

          What I am not looking for is a treatment giving only short term relief for the glands to within months get back to not functioning.

          Many thanks for any input.


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            I too am having IPL at the Dry Eye Centre in London, I had my second session this week. So far the glands are loosening up and starting to return to a kind of normal. However as I wore hard contact lenses for 20 years some of the glands will never recover. I wish I had known this years ago. Apparently contact lenses cause friction on the eyelid and damage the glands that produce the meibomian. Also I had Shingles which affected my eyes 8 years ago and dry eye is a result too. I will post my results as I continue with my treatment at the Dry Eye Centre. My next appointment is in July 2016.


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              I too am seeking for IPL clinic for dry eye in Europe. I know of the Dry Eye Centre in London, but it's generally not simple for me to travel to have to travel to London because of Visa and other costs. I live in Serbia, so I am looking for some locations near by. I read on the that E>EYE is avaliable in 22 countries including Austria which would be perfect for me, but I coudn't find the info of the clinic location.