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    i agree that maybe someone will come up with an expressing device to help at some point, i am just skeptical on this device based on the information on the website. there doesn't appear to be any real studies supporting its effectiveness -- just a few testimonials from some random people. and it states that TBUT did not improve using it, just subjective signs of redness and comfort.

    i also would think they would post a video showing how it works.


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      My 'Eyepeace' arrived on Wednesday and I used it for the first time last night.

      Initial impressions - it's surprisingly soft and flexible material and feels comfortable on the eyelids. I think it will take some time to get the hang of the best way to use it though. I didn't overdo it as my eyelids are quite sore at the moment (I have rosacea).

      As with any 'gadget', where dry eye is concerned, it'll probably work brilliantly for some people whereas others will be completely indifferent to it. I like the fact that devices like these are being developed, though, and I'm sure more will follow. It was encouraging talking to my optometrist last week. He tells me how there's always new developments in the understanding and treatment of dry eye, and this gives me hope


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        Hi unicorn - yes, please let us know how it goes as you use it more. Is there a way for you to post a photo of this? (the one on the linked webpage is not very detailed).


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          I completed a survey of their website - including feedback on their poor marketing of the 'gadget'.

          It needs something better than illustrations and written descriptions; if it is a small company, then perhaps they haven't taken this into account.

          I contacted them with a simple query about the gadget the other week and I was advised to phone them if I wanted to place an order. Not quite the response I expected but I would like to think the gadget has its merits - so we do need to find these things out.


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            Click image for larger version

Name:	image.jpg
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            Hope this helps - it's a bit hard to photograph the Eyepeace well!


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              Thank you! - the 2nd photo really gives me a much better idea of how it actually looks. Do you find it to be effective thus far?


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                Any updates?


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                  Hi, I'm sorry for the delay in updating. I haven't really been using my Eyepeace very much at all. It's a bit fiddly and I don't find it any more effective than using my fingers. It works ok on my upper lids (in a firm downwards stroke) but I can do this just as well with my finger. It is ddifficult to use on my lower lids. I think it's a nice idea but in reality, for me, it didn't do much. Not expensive though so I think it's worth a try for those struggling with how best to do lid massage.


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                    My chrome browser is advising against even visiting as "google safe browse" seems to have detected malware on that website recently.


                    I use often and I literally never had a website with 2 positives.


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                      My experience of using the device is much the same as Unicorn's. Helpful for those who don't know how to perform lid massage but I've gone back to using my fingers and doing it the way I was shown by my Ophthalmologist. The device is now being sold through Butterflies Eyecare, a reputable site


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                        Came across this today when looking up about MGD expression. Looks like it was added to Amazon January 2017.


                        No reviews yet there unfortunately, some have been posted on the aforemnetioned butterflies site though.

                        Youtube channel with videos demonstrating it:
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