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clinical study (2016) on effects of vitamin combinations on dry eye (improvements)

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  • clinical study (2016) on effects of vitamin combinations on dry eye (improvements)

    link to a clinical study on the effects of fish oil, lactoferrin, zinc, vitamin C, lutein, vitamin E, γ-aminobutanoic acid, and Enterococcus faecium in combination, which showed improvement on the effects of dry eye. food for thought.

    or (for those without twitter)
    People have recovered, so can we.

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    Thanks waterbee. I wonder if it was one supplement that contained all this: fish oil, lactoferrin, zinc, vitamin C, lutein, vitamin E, γ-aminobutanoic acid, and Enterococcus faecium WB2000.

    I have used everything in large quantities on that list except for the γ-aminobutanoic acid, and Enterococcus faecium WB2000 and not sure about the lactoferrin. Wish it indicated potencies and not sure where to get those less common supplements mentioned.


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      i brought some lactoferrin from amazon, not sure which brand, but it was the one with the best reviews, i was a bit wary of it though so brought to my doctor for advice ( i'd gone there for something else but asked him about it while i was there!) and he told me perfectly safe, so worth giving it a try
      People have recovered, so can we.


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        They used a combined dietary supplement in the study (2 capsules/day), and it doesn't give the amounts for each ingredient.

        Enterococcus faecium WB2000 is a probiotic that inhibits streptococci. It is one of 23 ingredients in a supplement called Nexabiotic (without the "WB2000," so I wonder if it is the same). I couldn't find anything else with this ingredient.

        WebMD says lactoferrin is a protein in cow milk and human milk (Colostrum). Colostrum has 7x more lactoferrin than cow milk. It is also found in the fluids of the eye. It regulates the absorption of iron in the intestines and delivery of iron to the cells. It protects against bacterial infection. There is a supplement called Symbiotics Lactoferrin with Colostrum Plus.

        y-aminobutanoic acid is GABA. I've bought this before to help fall asleep. It is an inhibitory neurotransmitter. It calms the nervous system.

        I think I may try the supplement combo in the study, even though the potencies are not provided. Nothing to lose. I can't see them causing any harm. The emphasis on inhibiting bacteria is interesting.
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          I've purchased my version of this study and I'm going to give it a try.
          - Symbiotics Colostrum with Lactoferrin Plus, 2 capsules
          - Nexabiotic Advanced Multi-Probiotic (for the Enterococcus faecium WB2000), 1 capsule
          - Carlson Norwegian fish oil, 1 tsp
          - Nordic Naturals Ultimate Omega, 2 capsules
          - Zinc,50 mg
          - Lutein, 40 mg
          - Vit E, 400 IU
          - Vit C, 500 mg
          - Now Foods GABA, 750 mg

          I am finding the anti-bacterial part of this appealing. Who knows.


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            Very intreasting PG, please keep updating us.
            People have recovered, so can we.


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              This seems to be working. It is helping with the dryness, nothing amazing, but there is improvement. I am using fewer drops. However the inflamed lid margins are the same. It has been three weeks and I will continue and post again. So far, it is worth it.
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                a functional medicine's doctor told me once its 3-6 months of new vitamin protocol to get maximum results, if thats any help.
                People have recovered, so can we.


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                  thanks waterbee, I was just now contemplating not reordering the exact same supplements, but I think I will stay on course. Since my last post, my eyes have begun to feel noticeably moister. I actually did not wear moisture chamber glasses at work this week. And I forgot the supplements at work one weekend and definitely noticed the difference. I am also doing Cliradex and IPL, but I think the increased moisture is due to these supplements.


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                    The increased moisture seems to have gone away, but I won't know for sure until I discontinue the supplements after three months.

                    This week, I discovered -
                    * Gaba is a vasodialator, which I am assuming is not good for ocular rosacea (my affliction) so I stopped this supplement
                    * The multi-probiotic that I selected because it contains Enterococcus faecium also contains many other probiotics, including ones that are considered to be histamine-producing, which I would also assume is not good for ocular rosacea. Regardless, I have continued with this supplement.