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Brady Barrows Rosacea Diet/Candida Diet for Ocular Rosacea

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  • Brady Barrows Rosacea Diet/Candida Diet for Ocular Rosacea

    Has anyone had success with either of these diets (which are quite similar minus the dairy)? I have been finding sugar (even fruit) to be my biggest triggers,but have never eliminated it completely. I started yesterday and it didn't seem to hard. I spoke to Brady on the Rosacea Forum, who said people have told him it does help MGD. He also said it takes up to 30 days.

    Any success?

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    Yes, I am on the Barrows diet, and have been for a couple of months. It helps, but wasn't a cure-all. Keeping the carbs below 30g is helpful to keep inflammation down. I've lost 8 pounds which wasn't something I really wanted to do. You have to eats tons of food to stay at a healthy weight. Not sure about his diet and cholesterol either. I still have inflammation, but the diet has helped some.


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      Hi LaDiva,

      Thank-you for answering. My only issue is I am highly intolerant to cheese and eggs according to my food intolerance testing. I tried eating eggs again, and I felt sick after and my eye lids swelled. I would not be able to do less than 30g of carbs due to the fact that I would have to eat veg to make up for the eggs and cheese lolI am going to do the Clean Gut Program (like the candida diet) You are allowed 1/2 of berries per day on that diet though. The best I have been is when I am on this program and am taking probiotics.

      It is the same idea as Barrow's diet.. low carb/sugar. I dont know if you seen my post, but I tried to do a juice cleanse and got worse. I will still juice but just use limes as my fruit in them. I was using apples and pears but this was to much sugar. I have read former members posts about going on diets and it took a long time before they were better. I am only 108 pounds, so I really cant lose weight. I already look to thin...


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        I did the Barrows diet and it's the thing that fixed my MG's - worth a try!


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          There's also something called the "low FODMAP" diet (advertised for IBS -- perhaps linked to SIBO which is perhaps linked to rosacea. Haha. Follow that!?). When I read a little on this, I was mostly interested in what foods overlap with it and Brady Barrows' rosacea diet, Dr. Wilkin's list of food triggers for rosacea, and The National Rosacea Society's list of food triggers. As far as I can tell, they're all over the place! One person says OK; the other says No Way.

          An article on FODMAPs:
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            Sagg when you say fixed, you mean no more mgd?!


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              I think I will give it a try too


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                What is this diet exactly? What is forbidden?


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                  What's your email? I'll send you a copy of the book.


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                    Originally posted by Faith1989 View Post
                    Sagg when you say fixed, you mean no more mgd?!

                    Wheat is my biggest problem - although the Barrow's diet isn't a gluten-free diet, he limits carbs to such an extent that you are almost wheat-free by going on it - I now know that for me, wheat-free diet is best for my eyes, plus low in sugars, high in vegetables, and fruit in moderation. For grains, instead of wheat, I tend to include some rice with dinner, I have gluten-free toast once in a while (Udi's bread is great for this), gluten-free crackers sometimes too. But generally speaking, I try to stick to unprocessed food as much as possible, so I get my carbs from rice, potatoes sometimes, fruit etc.

                    If I start eating wheat regularly again, my MG's clog up again, plus I get heartburn, sneezing, stuffy nose etc.

                    If I eat too much sugar, my MG's flare up again.

                    That being said, my MG's will still flare up if I overdo the computer time, or any of the other usual things that can flare them up. BUT, the diet makes a huge difference because it now takes a lot more irritation from computer use etc. to make my MG's flare up than it did before the diet.

                    Also, I do have rosacea - that's one more thing the diet cured for me.

                    Also important to keep in mind, the diet he puts you on for the 1st month isn't intended to be followed so strictly on a permanent basis - it's kind of like a rosacea-specific elimination diet - after the first month is done, you add restricted foods back to the diet, one at a time every few days, so you can figure out what your personal offending foods are (if any)

                    Lastly, I always like to point out that just because the diet fixed me, it might not fix you - however, if you've tried almost everything else, it can't hurt to give this a try - you have a lot to potentially gain if it works, and if it doesn't, well, at least you tried.


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                      Thanks. My problem is rosacea too. I've never done no sugar, as I tend to overdo it on the fruit.. So maybe this will help?


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                        Orange juice is a huge problem for me. Makes a mess of my mgs. One serving of OJ has 26g of carbs and 21g sugar. A serving of Cherries Garcia ice cream has 26g carbs and 22g sugar. The comparison is a little skewed because one is a healthy fruit and the other a sinful dessert, but you get the picture. The trick for me is keeping some fruit, but checking on the carb and sugar content.


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                          Fruit juice is also a huge problem for me! Today I have had a total of 16 grams of carbs, pretty good for 2:30. I will be having steak and asparagus for dinner. Nuts for a snack, peacans are very low in carbs. Eyes were pretty good today.

                          Sagg, I hope I end up like you and having this help the MGs. Those stupid glands have ruined my life.


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                            K but question. Isn't this diet very acidic and inflammatory? Or am I wrong?


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                              Can you send me a copy too?
                              I've been grain free for 16 days now. Im really interested to see what the Barrows Diet is all about. Thank you!